Albert G. Abbott


Contact Information

Phone: 864-656-3060


  • Ph.D. Brown University
  • B. S. Biological Sciences, University of Connecticut

Research Interests

  • Dr. Abbott is currently working on research problems in molecular biology and molecular genetics in both plants and amimal systems. Specific projects involve: 1) studies on expression of mitochondrial and nuclear genes during higher plant development; 2) molecular studies on host plant-parasitic nematode interactions and giant cell formation; 3) RFLP mapping of important agricultural crops and crop pests for plant breeding purposes; and 4) studies on fatty acid synthesis genes in higher plants, particularly peanut and soybean. Current methodologies employed include recombinant DNA techniques: protein and nucleic acid gel electrophoresis, molecular cloning and DNA sequencing, Northern and Southern blot analysis sequencing, Northern and Southern blot analysis.

Selected Publications

  • Baird Wm., Vance, Albert G. Abbott, Robert Ballard, Bryon Sosinski, and Sriyani Rajapakse. 1996. Diagnostics in horticulture. In technology transfer of plant biotechnology. Peter M. Gresshoff ed. CRC Press. p.111-130
  • Qin, J., N. Walker, C. M. R. Fauron, D. Gupta, and A. G. Abbott. 1987. A comparative transcriptional analysis of the coding regions in the cms-T unique reading frame between fertile and T male sterile cytoplasm. In Plant Mitochondrial Structural, Functional, and Physiological Aspects , ed. A L. Moore and R. B. Beechey, 293-299. New York: Plenum Press.
  • Fauron, C. M. R., A. G. Abbott, R. I. S. Brettell, and R. F. Gesteland. 1987. Maize mitochondrial DNA rearrangements between the normal type, the Texas male sterile cytoplasm and fertile revertant cms-T regenerated plant. Current Genetics 11:339-346.
  • Walker, N. H., J. Qin, M. Albertsen, and A. G. Abbott. 1987. Northern hybridization analysis of mitochondrial gene expression in maize cytoplasm with varied nuclear backgrounds. Theor. and Appl. Genetics 74:531-537.
  • Qin, J., C. M. R. Fauron, R. I. S. Brettell, M. Milhous, and A. G. Abbott. 1987. Toxin resistance and/or male fertility reversion is correlated with a defined transcription change in the 1.5 kb Ava I region of cmsT. Nucl. Acids Res. 15:6091-6103.
  • Abbott, A. G., and C. M. R. Fauron. 1986. Cytoplasmic reversion to fertility of cmsT maize is correlated with sequence changes in a mitochondrial RNA coding region. Current Genetics 10:777-783.