James M. Colacino

Associate Professor

Contact Information

Phone: 864 656-3581
Fax: 864 656-0435
Email: jmclc@clemson.edu


  • Ph.D. Biology, State University of New York at Buffalo, N.Y.
  • M.A. Biology, State University of New York at Buffalo, N.Y.
  • B.A. Biology, St. John Fischer College

Research Interests

  • Hemoglobin is frequently found in animals and tissues where its presence is unexpected and its function poorly understood.  My laboratory has studied the properties of such hemoglobins and the respiratory physiology of the animals that possess them.  Our approach has been a coordinated combination of theoretical and experimental work.  The theoretical work is centered on reaction-diffusion models that are used to predict how hemoglobin behaves in oxygen transport and storage.  The experimental work involves the measurement of respiratory and circulatory parameters using a variety of techniques including video microscopy and microspectrophotometry.  Whenever possible, measurements are made in living intact animals.

Selected Publications

  • Beardsley, A.M., J.M. Colacino and C. Bonaventura.  Functional and biochemical properties of the hemoglobins of the burrowing brittlestar, Hemipholis elongata Say (Echinodermata, Ophiuroidea).  Biological Bulletin  205:  54-65  (2003)
  • Beardsley, A.M., and J.M. Colacino.  Respiration in the burrowing brittlestar, Hemipholis elongata Say (Echinodermata, Ophiuroidea):  a study of the effects of environmental variables on oxygen uptake.  Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology  127A:  201-213  (2000).
  • Vandergon, T.L., C.K.Riggs, T.A. Gorr, J.M. Colacino and A.F. Riggs.  The mini-hemoglobins in neural and body wall tissue of the nemertean worm CerebratuluslacteusJournal of Biological Chemistry  273:  16998-17011  (1998).
  • Bonaventura, C., R. Cashon, J. Bonaventura, J.M. Colacino and R.H. Hilderman.  Alteration of hemoglobin function by diadenosine 5', 5''' - P1, P4 - tetraphosphate and other alarmones.  Journal of Biological Chemistry  267:  4652-4657  (1992) 
  • Vandergon, T.L. and J.M. Colacino.  Hemoglobin function in the lophophorate Phoronis architecta (Phoronida).  Physiological Zoology  64:  1561-1577  (1991)
  • Mangum, C.P., J.M. Colacino and T.L. Vandergon.  Oxygen binding of single red blood cells of the annelid bloodworm Glycera dibranchiataJournal of Experimental Zoology   249:  144-149  (1989).
  • Doeller, J.E., D.W. Kraus, J.M. Colacino and J.B. Wittenberg.  Gill hemoglobin may deliver sulfide to bacterial symbionts of Solemya velum (Bivalvia, Mollusca).  Biological Bulletin  175: 388-396  (1988).
  • Colacino, J. M., J. R. Brannan and Mary Anne Fields.  A model for oxygen storage by hemoglobin.  Journal of Theoretical Biology 126: 437-447 (1987).
  • Kraus, D. W. and J. M. Colacino.  Extended Oxygen Delivery from the Nerve Hemoglobin of Tellina alternata (Bivalvia).  Science 232: 90-92 (1986).
  • Colacino, J. M., P. B. Hamel, Hermann Rahn, R. G. Board and N.H.C. Sparks.  The vaterite cover on the eggs of Anhinga anhinga and its effect on gas conductance.  Journal of Zoology (London), 205: 425-433 (1985).

Previous Courses Taught

  • BIOSC 420/620 - Neurobiology
  • BIOSC 459/659 - Systems Physiology
  • BIOSC 871 - Biological Modeling