Kalan Ickes

Research Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Phone: 864 656-1735
FAX: 864 656-0435
Email: kickes@clemson.edu


  • MBA University of Pittsburgh, 2003
  • Ph.D. Louisiana State University, 2001
  • B.A. Swarthmore College, 1992

Research Interests

  • My research interests are primarily in the areas of plant-animal interactions, plant ecology, and community ecology in tropical rain forest. In lowland Malaysian rainforest, I have conducted research on the effects of wild, native pigs (Sus scrofa) on the understory plant community.  Until very recently my research was conducted on the island of Dominica in the Eastern Caribbean, where I have been investigating the impacts of hurricanes on rain forest tree and liana species diversity, distribution, and abundance.  As of 2009 I am doing full time teaching. 

Selected Publications

  • Ickes, K., C.J. Paciorek, and S.C. Thomas. (2005) Impacts of nest construction by native pigs (Sus scrofa) on lowland Malaysian rain forest saplings. Ecology 86:1540-1547.
  • DeWalt, S. J., J. S. Denslow, and K. Ickes. (2004) Natural-enemy release facilitates habitat expansion of an invasive tropical shrub Clidemia hirta. Ecology 85:471-483.
  • Ickes, K., S.J. DeWalt, and S.C. Thomas. (2003) Resprouting of tree and liana saplings following stem removal by wild pigs in a lowland Malaysian rain forest. Journal of Ecology 91:222-233.
  • Styring, A.R. and K. Ickes. (2003) Woodpeckers (Picidae) at Pasoh: foraging ecology, flocking, and the impacts of logging on abundance and diversity. Pages 547-557 in T. Okuda, N. Manokaran, Y. Matsumoto, K. Niiyama, S.C. Thomas, and P.S. Ashton (eds.). Pasoh: Ecology of a lowland rain forest in Southeast Asia. Springer, Tokyo.
  • Ickes, K., S.J. DeWalt, and S. Appanah. (2001) Effects of native pigs (Sus scrofa) on woody understorey vegetation in a Malaysian lowland rain forest. Journal of Tropical Ecology 17:191-206.

Recent Courses

  • BIOSC 490   – Natural History of Dominica (Maymester 2006, 2007, 2008)
  • BIOSC 490   – Natural History of Costa Rica (Maymester 2009)
  • BIOL 122     – Keys to Biodiversity (Fall 2009)
  • BIOSC 493   – Energy Use in America (Spring 2009, Fall 2009, Spring 2010)
  • BIOSC 472   – Ornithology (Spring 2010)
  • BIOSC 472L – Ornithology Lab (Spring 2010)