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J. Antonio Baeza

 J. Antonio Baeza

Assistant Professor

Phone: 864-656-2157
Office: 226 Jordan Hall

Lab:    101, 102-J Jordan Hall
Email: jbaezam@clemson.edu

Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biology.  Dr. Baeza's focus is in behavioral ecology, molecular phylogenetics, & fisheries biology. 



Dr. Lisa Bain

 Lisa J. Bain


Phone: 864-656-5050
Office: 239 Long Hall
Lab:    300 Jordan Hall
Email: lbain@clemson.edu

Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology. Research in Dr. Bain's laboratory focuses on the mechanisms by which cells respond to toxicants, such as arsenic, chromium, and pharmaceuticals.


Dr. Bill Baldwin

 William Baldwin


Office: 3235 Long Hall
Lab:    318 Jordan Hall
Email: baldwin@clemson.edu

Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology. Dr. Baldwin's research focuses on an organism’s ability to adapt to environmental stressors such as foreign chemicals and toxic endobiotics.

Dr. Ballard

 Robert Ballard


Phone: 864-656-3579
Office: G-22 Jordan Hall
Email: ballard@clemson.edu

Pedagogy & Instructional Development.  Dr. Ballard leads the Biology Master's Online program.



More information about Dr. Bielenberg

 Douglas Bielenberg

Associate Professor

Phone: 864-656-4968
Office: 161-A P&A
Lab:    D-133 P&A
Email: dbielen@clemson.edu

Ecology, Evolution, & Organismal Biology.  Dr. Bielenberg's primary research interests are in the physiological and molecular mechanisms of plant interactions with the physical environment.


Dr. Rick Blob

 Richard Blob


Office: 342 Long Hall
Lab:    400 E-H Jordan Hall
Email: rblob@clemson.edu

Ecology, Evolution, & Organismal Biology.  Dr. Blob is broadly interested the evolution of musculoskeletal function in animals.


Dr. Barbara Campbell

 Barbara Campbell

Assistant Professor

Phone: 864-656-0559
Office: 155-B LSF
Lab:    160 LSF
Email: bcampb7@clemson.edu

Ecology, Evolution, & Organismal Biology. Microbiology.  Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology.  Dr. Campbell's goals are to understand the roles of bacteria in biogeochemical cycling of important compounds in numerous habitats, from the deep sea and coastal ocean to the Arctic tundra. 


Dr. Min Cao

 Min Cao

Associate Professor

Phone: 864-507-7270
Office: 151-B LSF
Lab:    160-B LSF
Email: mcao@clemson.edu

Microbiology. Molecular Cellular & Developmental Biology. Research in Dr. Cao’s lab is focused on bacterial biofilm formation. We primarily work with two pathogens, Listeria monocytogenes and Vibrio cholerae. Our goals are to understand the mechanisms involved in biofilm formation and to develop natural compounds (as an alternative to antibiotic treatment) to control bacterial biofilm and pathogenesis.


Dr. Susan Chapman

 Susan Chapman

Associate Professor

Office: 340 Long
Lab:    320, 321 Jordan Hall
Email: schapm2@clemson.edu

Molecular, Cellular, & Development Biology. Dr. Chapman's lab is interested in mechanisms of tissue specification, morphogenesis and patterning of specific regional identity during vertebrate head development, particularly within the hearing apparatus.


Dr. Wen Chen

 Wen Chen


Phone: 864-507-7270
GHS Cancer Center
Email: wenc@clemson.edu

GHS Cancer Center. Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology. Prolactin and breast cancer / Prolactin antagonists and their use in human breast cancer therapy.


Dr. Michael Childress

 Michael Childress

Associate Professor

Office: 105-A Jordan Hall
Lab:    B-26 Jordan Hall
Email: mchildr@clemson.edu

Ecology, Evolution, & Organismal Biology.  Dr. Childress’ lab studies the behavioral ecology and evolution of marine animals.  His interests include understanding how individuals adjust their behaviors in response to rapidly changing environmental conditions, and the role of behavioral phenotypes in the evolution of social behaviors.


Dr. Robert Cohen

 Robert Cohen

Professor & Chair

Phone: 864-656-1112
Office: 132 Long Hall
Email: rscohen@clemson.edu

Molecular Genetics of Development.  Dr. Cohen uses Drosophila melanagster as a model system to understand how cells move RNAs and other regulatory molecules to specific subcellular sites to establish molecular asymmetries.  Such asymmetries are key to cell migration, stem cell maintenance and differentiation, and the organization of cells into organs and other higher order structures.  Many of the genes that function critically in the formation of molecular asymmetries give rise to neoplastic growth states when mutated.  Thus the formation of molecular asymmetries within cells is critical to all, or virtually all. aspects of normal cell growth and differentiation.  


Dr. Vicki Corbin

 Victoria Corbin

Associate Professor

Office: 104 Poole Hall
Email: vcorbin@clemson.edu
Outreach Email: culso@clemson.edu

Pedagogy & Instructional Development. Dr. Corbin is the director of the South Carolina DNA Learning Center, a modern lab where schools and community groups come to learn about molecular biology, recombinant DNA technologies and their everyday applications.


Dr. Saara Dewalt

 Saara DeWalt

Associate Professor,
Graduate Program Coordinator for Biological Sciences

Office: 338 Long Hall
Lab:    217 Jordan Hall
Email: saarad@clemson.edu

Ecology, Evolution, & Organismal Biology. Dr. DeWalt studies plant population and community ecology, primarily in temperate and tropical forests. She has ongoing projects examining invasive plant ecology and phylogeography, tropical forest succession, global liana ecology, and rainforest dynamics on the Caribbean island of Dominica.


Dr. Dittrich-Reed

 Dylan Dittrich-Reed

Assistant Professor

Office: 134 Long Hall
Email: ddittri@clemson.edu

Pedagogy & Instructional Development. Dr. Dittrich-Reed is interested in how incorporating student-led research into teaching laboratories affects student attitudes toward and retention in the biological sciences.


Dr. Gene Eidson

 Gene Eidson


Phone: 864-710-0882
Office: Center for Applied

Email: geidso@clemson.edu

Institute of Computational Ecology and Urban Ecology Center. Ecology, Evolution, & Organismal Biology. Ecological restoration of coastal floodplain swamps, Carolina Bays, & bottomland hardwood forests; river ecology with an emphasis on urban impacts to southern rivers and non-point source pollution; river and restoration ecology.



Dr. David M. Feliciano

 David Feliciano

Assistant Professor

Office: 326 Jordan Hall
Lab:    323, 324 Jordan Hall
Email: dfelici@clemson.edu

Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology.  Dr. Feliciano's expertise is in developmental neurobiology, with an emphasis on understanding the relationship between neural stem cell evolution and neurodevelopmental disorders.


Dr. Vince Gallicchio

 Vincent Gallicchio


Phone: 864-650-6702
Office: 122 Long Hall
Email: vsgall@clemson.edu

Pedagogy & Instructional Development. Molecular Cellular & Developmental Biology. Dr. Gallicchio's research interests include experimental drug therapeutics for AIDS and cancer with a focus on compounds that inhibit ribonucleotide reductase and anti-oxidants derived from natural food products; the non-psychiatric clinical uses of lithium.


Dr. Tom Hughes

 Thomas Hughes


Phone: 864-656-5433
Office: 155-A LSF
Email: t020509@clemson.edu

Microbiology. Dr. Hughes' research interest concerns the bioremediation of an important environmental pollutant, creosote by microoganisms. I am also interested in exploring the control of food-borne pathogens by means other than addition of antibiotics. 


Dr. Kalan Ickes

  Kalan Ickes

Assistant  Professor

Office: 143 Long Hall
Email: kickes@clemson.edu

Ecology, Evolution, & Organismal Biology. Dr. Ickes' research interests are primarily in the areas of plant-animal interactions, plant ecology, and community ecology in tropical rain forest. In lowland Malaysian rainforest, I have conducted research on the effects of wild, native pigs (Sus scrofa) on the understory plant community.


Dr. Steve Klaine

 Stephen Klaine


Phone: 864-710-6763
Office: CIET
Email: sklaine@clemson.edu

Environmental Toxicology. Ecology, Evolution, & Organismal Biology. Dr. Klaine's research focuses on the fate and effects of contaminants in the environment. Specifically, he is interested in contaminants that migrate from various land uses into aquatic ecosystems and their effects on aquativ plants and animals.

 Dr. Bob Kosinski

 Robert Kosinski


Phone: 864-656-3830
Office: 147 Long
Email: rjksn@clemson.edu

Pedagogy & Instructional Development.


 Dr. Harry Kurtz

 Harry Kurtz

Associate Professor

Phone: 864-656-6915
Office: 151 LSF
Email: hkurtz@clemson.edu

Microbiology. Ecology, Evolution, & Organismal Biology. Research in Dr. Kurtz's lab is focused on environmental microbiology, specifically survival of stress.

 Tamara McNealy

  Tamara McNealy

Associate Professor

Phone: 864-656-3058
Office: 157-B LSF
Lab:    160 LSF           Email:tmcneal@clemson.edu

Microbiology.  Dr. McNealy's lab studies Francisella tularensis and Legionella pneumophila; specifically, investigations into how the natural environment of these pathogens has adapted them for pathogenicity in humans.


Dr. Margaret Ptacek

Margaret Ptacek 


Phone: 864-656-6964
Office: 213 Jordan Hall
Lab:   214 Jordan Hall
Email: mptacek@clemson.edu

Ecology, Evolution, & Organismal Biology. Dr. Ptacek's main research interests lie at the intersection of behavioral ecology, population genetics and speciation. Specifically, she is interested in processes that control genetic divergence among populations and the contributions of these processes to local adaptation and speciation.

 Dr. Charlie Rice

 Charles Rice


Office: 233 Long Hall
Lab:    313 Jordan Hall  
Email: cdrice@clemson.edu

Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology.  Dr. Rice's lab studies comparative and veterinary immunology, as well as cellular and molecular aspects of inflammation and its role in chronic diseases, including cancer. 

 Dr. Michael Sears

Michael Sears

Assistant Professor

Office: 323 Long Hall
Lab:    111 Jordan Hall  
Email: sears3@clemson.edu

Ecology, Evolution, & Organismal Biology. Dr. Sears' research seeks to explain landscape-level patterns of the abundances and distributions of animals by understanding the basic physiologies and behaviors of individuals within a spatial context.

 Dr. Simon Scott

 Simon Scott


Office: B10A Long Hall      
Email: sscott@clemson.edu

Microbiology.  Dr Scott is interested in plant virus research specializing in viruses infecting fruit trees and other woody species, characterization at the molecular level of etiological agents not previously associated with diseases, and the taxonomy of the genus Ilarvirus.

 Dr. Denny Smith

 Alton Denny Smith 

Associate Professor

Phone: 864-656-3492
Office: 125 Long
Email: salton@clemson.edu

Pedagogy & Instructional Development. Dr. Smith is also the Pre-Med advisor. 


 Dr. Sam Sparace

 Sam Sparace

Associate Professor

Phone: 864-656-6918
Office: 336 Long Hall
Lab:    B12 Long Hall  
Email: smsprc@clemson.edu

Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology. Dr. Sparace is interested in plastids, an extremely important and diverse group of organelles found in higher plants often described as the biosynthetic powerhouse of the plant cell.

 Dr. Barbara Speziale

 Barbara Speziale

Professor & Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Phone: 864-656-1550
Office: E-201 Martin Hall
Lab:    G18-G20 Jordan Hall  
Email:  bjspz@clemson.edu

Ecology, Evolution, & Organismal Biology. Dr. Speziale's academic interests and activities encompass phycology, limnology, science education and outreach. Her biology research interest is the ecology and taxonomy of freshwater algae. Her current programs focus on science education, undergraduate research, and first generation college students.

 Dr. Timothy Spira

 Timothy Spira


Office: 330-E Long Hall
Email: stimoth@clemson.edu

Ecology, Evolution, & Organismal Biology. Dr. Spira writes natural history guides to the southern Appalachian Mountains and the adjoining Piedmont of the southeastern United States with an emphasis on native plants and their natural communities.


Dr. Bill Surver

 William Surver

Alumni Distinguished Professor & Director, Clemson Thinks2

Phone: 864-656-3834
Office: 330-A Long Hall
Email: surverw@clemson.edu

Pedagogy & Instructional Development.  Dr. Surver works with the development and Integration of New Curriculum in Biology (emphasis on Introductory Biology, Genetics and Biotechnology).

 Dr. Lesly Temesvari

Lesly Temesvari

Alumni Distinguished Professor

Phone: 864-656-6387
Office: 255-B LSF
Lab:    260-E LSF 
Email: ltemesv@clemson.edu

Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology. The overall goal of the research in Dr. Temesvari's laboratory is to understand the molecular mechanisms that govern vesicle trafficking and cell-cell interactions.

 Dr. David Tonkyn

 David Tonkyn

Associate Professor

Phone: 864-656-3588
Office: 350 Long Hall
Lab:    310 Jordan Hall
Email: tdavid@clemson.edu

Ecology, Evolution, & Organismal Biology.  Dr. Tonkyn's primary interests now are in two areas of conservation ecology.  First, he is studying the interacting threats of genetic and demographic changes, and disease, to small (captive or endangered) populations.  Visit his lab website: http://tda686.wix.com/dtonkyn


Dr. Matt Turnbull

 Matthew Turnbull

Associate Professor

Phone: 864-656-5038
Office: B10 Long Hall
Email: turnbul@clemson.edu

Ecology, Evolution, & Organismal Biology. Dr. Turnbull's lab focuses on the role of gap junctions in coordinating cellular and tissue behaviors in insects.



Dr. Jeremy Tzeng

Tzeun-Rong  (Jeremy) Tzeng

Associate Professor, 
Graduate Program Coordinator for Microbiology

Phone: 864-656-0239
Office: 149 LSB
Email: tzuenrt@clemson.edu

Microbiology. Dr. Tzeng is interested in developing non-antibiotic alternative treatments for microbial infections.

 Dr. Van den Hurk

 Peter van den Hurk

 Associate Professor

Phone: 864-656-3594
Office: 237 Long Hall     
Email: pvdh@clemson.edu

Molecular, Cellular, & Devolopmental Biology. Dr. van den Hurk's research focuses on how animals, including humans, deal with environmental contaminants and endogenous waste materials.


Dr. Charlie Wei

Yanzhang (Charlie) Wei


Phone: 864-656-7393
Office: 055 LSF
Email:  ywei@clemson.edu

Molecular, Cellular, & Devolopmental Biology.  Dr. Wei's lab research focuses on the development of novel anti-cancer therapies, including, but not limited to, dendritic cell and NK cell mediated cancer immunotherapies, cancer gene therapies, and natural anti-cancer compound identification.

 Dr. Christina Wells

 Christina Wells


Office: 150 Long Hall
Email: cewells@clemson.edu

Ecology, Evolution, & Organismal Biology. Dr. Wells' lab uses modern genomic and transcriptomic approaches to answer fundamental questions in plant biology. 


Dr. Xianzhong (George) Yu

 Xianzhong Yu

Associate Professor

Phone: 864-656-0718
Office: 051-B LSB
Email: xyu@clemson.edu

Molecular, Cellular, & Devolopmental Biology. Dr. Yu's research focuses on molecular and cellular mechanisms of tumor angiogenesis, gene therapy targeting on tumor angiogenesis, establishing tumor models through transgenic technique, and tumor therapeutic agents screening.

Research Faculty & Lecturers

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John Abercrombie

 John Abercrombie

Senior Lecturer

 Phone: 864-656-5431
 Office:  127-B LSF
 Lab:     121-A&B LSF
 Email:  ja@clemson.edu

Lab Manager & Microbiology Teaching.




Cora Allard

Cora M. Allard

Lecturer & SPRI Coordinator 

Phone: 864-656-0721
Office: G-19 Jordan Hall
Email: callara@clemson.edu

SC Life. SC Life supports research for college students as well as life sciences education for middle school and high school students and their teachers. Programs for teachers include workshops and graduate-level science courses.



Dr. Terri Bruce

 Terri Bruce

Academic Program Director

Phone: 864-656-1264
Office: 024-A LSF
Email: terri@clemson.edu

Light Imaging Facility. Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology. In my lab, we strive to understand the fundamental pathways involved in the packaging, trafficking, and exocytosis of microvesicles by host cells and the subsequent uptake, trafficking and dissemination of microvesicle cargo by target cells.


John Cummings

 John Cummings

Senior Lecturer

Phone: 864-656-3601
Office: 146 Long Hall

Pedagogy & Instructional Development.




Dr. Yuqing Dong

 Yuqing Dong

Research Assistant Professor

Phone: 864-656-3835
Office: 055-A LSF
Lab:    060-C LSF
Email: ydong@clemson.edu

Molecular, Cellular, & Development Biology. The study of aging in different model organisms has produced fundamental observations on mechanisms of aging. It is well known that certain genetic pathways controlling longevity are highly conserved from nematode to humans.


Dr. Nora Espinoza

 Nora Espinoza

Research Assistant Professor

Phone: 864-656-3589
Office: 348 Long Hall
Email: nespino@clemson.edu

Ecology, Evolution & Developmental Biology.



More information about Neeraj Gohad

 Neeraj Gohad

Research Assistant  Professor

Phone: 864-656-3597
Office: 319 Jordan Hall Email: neerajg@clemson.edu

Cellular, Molecular & Developmental Biology.  Dr. Gohad's research focuses on understanding the function and evolution of chemo-receptors and the signal transduction pathways in marine invertebrate larvae using a Systems Biology approach.


Dr. John Hains

John Hains

Research Associate  Professor

Office: 303 Long Hall
Email: jhains@clemson.edu

Ecology, Evolution & Developmental Biology. Dr. Hains studies aquatic ecosystems, limnology, aquatic biology, biogeochemistry, reservoir ecosystems - limnology and management, environmental consequences of power production.


   Renea Hardwick

Senior Lecturer

Office: 148 Long Hall
Email: rhardwi@clemson.ed

DNA Learning Center.  The purpose of the South Carolina DNA Learning Center is providing modern genetics and biotechnology outreach education to students in grades 5-12, teachers, and the public.



Mike Henson

 Michael Henson

Research Associate  Professor

Office: 157-A LSF
Email: hhenson@clemson.edu

Microbiology. Dr. Henson's major research interests include the anaerobic microbial ecology of various environments.


T. Kaisa

 Tafadzwa Kaisa

Senior Lecturer

Phone: 864-656-6963
Office: 324B Long Hall
Email: tkaisa@clemson.edu

Pedagogy & Instructional Development.

Tammy McNutt

 Tammy McNutt-Scott

Senior Lecturer

Office: 301B Jordan Hall
Email: tmcnutt@clemson.edu

Pedagogy & Instructional Development. Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology. Dr. McNutt-Scott's research focuses on how environmental toxicants may influence physiological events associated with the female reproductive tract, primarily during the early stages of pregnancy. 


Christine Minor

 Christine Minor

Senior Lecturer

Office: 330C Long Hall
Email: mminor@clemson.edu

Pedagogy & Instructional Development. As coordinator of non-majors biology, Christine Minor develops and implements a variety of process-oriented, investigative instructional methodologies designed specifically for those students that will comprise a large portion of our society's "scientific consumers."

Andrew Mount

 Andrew Mount

Research Associate Professor 

Phone: 864-656-3597
Office: 316 Jordan Hall 
Lab:    317 Jordan Hall 
Email: mount@clemson.edu

 Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology. Dr. Mount's lab studies cellular biomineralization in mollusks and biofouling of marine invertebrates. 



Dr. Lisa Rapaport

 Lisa Rapaport

Research Assistant Professor

Phone: 864-656-0838
Fax:    864-656-0435
Office: 145 Long
Email: lrapapo@clemson.edu

Ecology, Evolution, & Organismal Biology. Dr. Rapaport's research interests fall within the broad categories of behavioral ecology and conservation biology.



Krista Rudolph

 Krista Rudolph 

Senior Lecturer

Phone: 864-656-3838
Fax:    864-656-0435
Office: 330-B Long Hall 
Lab:    128 LSF 
Email: krudolp@clemson.edu

Microbiology. Pedagogy & Instructional Development. Dr. Rudolph teaches undergraduate microbiology courses, coordinates the General Microbiology labs, and teaches a microbiology course for the Biology Master's Online program.  Her research interests include food safety, genetic engineering, and the human microbiome.


Donna Weinbrenner

 Donna Weinbrenner


Phone: 864-656-1996
Fax:    864-656-0435
Office: 334 Long Hall
Email: donnaw@clemson.edu




Dr. Kristi Whitehead

 Kristi Whitehead


Phone: 864-656-4146
Fax:    864-656-0435
Office: 142 Long Hall      
Email: kwhiteh@clemson.edu

Microbiology. Molecular, Cellular, & Devolopmental Biology.  Dr. Whitehead's research is focused on understanding the diversity and function of bacteria within the gastrointestinal tracts of humans.

Adjunct Faculty

Peter Adler - SAFES

Chin-Fu Chen - Greenwood Genetics Center

Annel Greene - Food Science

Xiuping Jiang - Food Science

Patrick Jodice - SAFES

Kate McFadden SAFES

Laboratory Staff

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 Rebecca Ackerman

Lab Specialist II

 Phone: 864-656-6189
 Fax:    864-656-0435
 Office: 337 Long Hall
 Lab:    331 Long Hall
 Email: arebecc@clemson.edu

Lab Manager & Biology Teaching



 Karen Clark

Agricult/Animal Assoc I

Phone: 864-656-5744
Fax:    864-656-0435
Office: 128 Long Hall
Lab:    Long Hall
Email: karenc@clemson.edu



Dixie Damrel

 Dixie Damrel

Curator II

 Phone: 864-656-7234
 Fax:    864-656-0435
 Office: 201 Campbell                      Museum

Curator of the Clemson HerbariumThe Clemson Herbarium is a research facility serving the university, scientific researchers, and the general public in furthering knowledge of plants.  Holding about 100,000 documented specimens, the herbarium is among the largest and one of the most important in the state.  


Joshua Evans

 Joshua Evans

Lab Specialist II

Phone: 864-656-
Fax:    864-656-0435
Email: evans@clemson.edu





 Yan He

 Yan He

Agricult/Animal Assoc I

Fax:    864-656-0435
Office: B12 Long Hall
Email: yanh@clemson.edu



 George Huang

Research Specialist III

Phone: 864-656-5439
Fax:    864-656-0435
Office: 162 Jordan Hall
Email: ghuang@clemson.edu




Candi Jones-McCall

 Candice Jones-McCall


Lab Specialist I

 Phone: 864-656-1996
 Fax:    864-656-0435
 Office: 334 Long Hall
 Lab:    331 Long Hall       
 Email: cjones8@clemson.edu



 Stanlee Miller

 Stanlee Miller


 Curator II

 Phone: 864-656-3456
 Fax:     864-656-0435
 Office: 203 Campbell                      Museum
 Email: smmll@clemson.edu

Curator of the Vertabrate Collection.



Mike Moore

 Michael Moore


Research Specialist II

 Phone: 864-656-6273
 Fax:    864-656-0435
 Office: 240 Long Hall         
 Email: mmoore@clemson.edu

Dept. Facilities Manager



 Rhonda Powell


Research Associate

  Phone:   864-656-1264
  Fax:       864-656-0435
  Office:    G-024 LSF
  Lab:       G-030 LSF
  Email:    rhondar@clemson.edu

Light Imaging Facility. The Clemson Light Imaging Facility (CLIF) is a multi-user core facility located on the main campus of Clemson University.  Directed by Dr. Terri Bruce, the imaging facility houses a number of advanced light microscopes, including a Leica SP8X Multiphoton spectral confocal  microscope, a suite of Nikon microscopes, and a Zeiss LSM 510 confocal microscope. 


John Smink

 John Smink

Wildlife Biologist II 

 Phone: 864-656-7162
 Fax:    864-656-0435
 Office: G-26 P&A  
 Email: smink@clemson.edu

Facility manager for the Aquatic Animal Research Laboratory located in the Poole Agricultural Building. The facility is an AAALAC accredited and IACUC inspected aquatic research laboratory for the culture of aquatic and semi-aquatic organisms. The facility is funded by the Department of Biological Sciences and is available for use by faculty and students in the College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences.    


Brenda Welter

 Brenda Welter


Research Associate

Phone: 864-656-6387
Fax:    864-656-0435
Office: 255 LSF<
Lab:    255D LSF
Email: wbrenda@clemson.edu



Administrative Staff

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Sally Brock

 Sally Brock

Student Services Coordinator II

 Phone: 864-656-3604
 Fax:    864-656-0435
 Office: 124 Long Hall
 Email: sallyb@clemson.edu

Undergraduate Advising Coordinator.



Jillian Danson, Most Awesome.

 Jillian Danson

Public Information Coordinator

 Phone: 864-656-2328
 Fax:     864-656-0435
 Office: 132 Long Hall

 Webmaster & media specialist.  




Teri Elliott

 Teri Elliot

Administrative Assistant

 Phone: 864-656-2416
 Fax:    864-656-0435
 Office: 132 Long Hall
 Email: telltt@clemson.edu





 Stephanie Evans

Student Services Program Coordinator II

 Phone: 864-656-5074
 Fax:     864-656-0435
 Office: 129 Long Hall
 Email: shevans@clemson.edu

 Undergraduate advising. 




Virginia Foulk

 Ginger Foulk  

SC Life Project Manager

 Phone: 864-656-4224
 Fax:    864-656-1425
 Office: G-17 Jordan Hall
 Email: foulk@clemson.edu

SC LIFE.  SC Life supports research for college students as well as life sciences education for middle school and high school students and their teachers. Programs for teachers include workshops and graduate-level science courses, community-based research projects, classroom resources including virtual field trips, and loans of equipment footlockers. 


Bobbie Griffith

 Bobbie Griffith

Accnt/Fiscal Analyst I

 Phone: 864-656-2328
 Fax:    864-656-0435
 Office: 132 Long Hall
 Email: griffit@clemson.edu





Terrie Jarrett

 Terri Jarrett

Program Assistant

 Phone: 864-656-2153
 Fax:    864-656-1425
 Office: G25 Jordan

BIOSCI Online Master of SciencesDNA Learning Center.



Jay Lyn Martin

 Jay Lyn Martin

Student Services Coordinator

 Phone: 864-656-3587
 Fax:    864-656-0435
 Office: 144 Long
 Email: jaylyn@clemson.edu

Graduate Student Coordinator.

 Rita McConnell

 Rita McConnell

Fiscal Analyst II

 Phone: 864-656-2330
 Fax:    864-656-0435
 Office: 140 Long

Department Accountant.



Barbara Piekutowski

 Barbara Piekutowski

Administrative Assistant

 Phone: 864-656-3057
 Fax:    864-656-0435
 Office: 130 Long Hall   
 Email: piekb@clemson.edu

 Administrative Assistant to the Chair.


 Teela Roche

 Teela Roche

Info Resource Consult II

 Phone: 864-643-6480
 Fax:    864-656-0435
 Office: 151 Long Hall    
 Email: troche@clemson.edu

 CAFLS IT help.


 Jacqueline Van Strien

 Jacqueline Van Strien

Info Resource Consult I

 Phone: 864-656-0854
 Fax:    864-656-0435
 Office: 138 Long Hall    
 Email: vanj@clemson.edu

Registration Coordinator and oversees Biological Sciences teaching lab budgets.