Pengju "George" Luo

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biological Sciences
Clemson University, Clemson, SC 29634
Tel: 864-656-5439 (lab), Email:

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Basic Sciences
Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic
2020 Springfield Road, Spartanburg, SC 29304
Tel: 864-578-8770 Ext. 205 (office), Email:


  • Ph.D. Microbiology, Clemson University, 2006        
  • M.S. Microbiology, Clemson University, 2003
  • M.D. Clinical Medicine, Tongji Medical University (now known as ‘Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science & Technology’), Wuhan, China, 1997

Research Interests

Research interests are in the interdisciplinary field of biological sciences and nanotechnology and focus on bioapplications of various nanomaterials, including the following areas:

  • Antimicrobial applications of various nanomaterials such as nanoparticles and nanotubes.
  • Detection of pathogenic microorganisms using various nanomaterials conjugated with different biomolecules (e.g. antibody, carbohydrate)
  • Biomedical applications of various nanomaterials (e.g. the use of fluorescent carbon quantum dots for cancer detection).

Selected Publications

  • Luo, P. G., Tzeng, T.-R., Qu, L., Caldwell, E., Latour, R. A., Stutzenberger, F., and Sun, Y.-P. (2005). Quantitative analysis of bacterial aggregation mediated by bioactive nanoparticles. J. Biomed. Nanotech.1, 291-296.
  • Qu, L., Luo, P. G., Taylor, S., Lin, Y., Huang, W., Anyadike, N., Tzeng, T.-R., Stutzenberger, F., Latour, R. A., and Sun, Y.-P. (2005). Visualizing adhesion-induced agglutination of Escherichia coli with mannosylated nanoparticles. J. Nanosci. Nanotech. 5, 319-322. View Abstract
  • Qu, L., Gu, L., Li, H., Taylor, S., Elkin, T., Luo, P. G., Tzeng, T.-R. J., Jiang, X., Latour, R. A., Williams, A., and Sun, Y.‑P. (2005). Galactosylated polymeric nanoparticles: synthesis and adhesion interactions with Escherichia coli. J. Biomed. Nanotech. 1, 61-67.
  • Sun, Y.-P., Zhou, B., Lin, Y., Wang, W., Fernando, K. A. S., Pathak, P., Meziani, M. J., Harruff, B. A., Wang, X., Wang, H., Luo, P. G., Yang, H., Kose, M. E., Chen, B., Veca, L. M., and Xie, S.-Y. (2006). Quantum-sized carbon dots for bright and colorful photoluminescence. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 128, 7756-7757. View Details
  • Wang, H., Gu, L., Lin, Y., Lu, F., Meziani, M. J., Luo, P. G., Wang, W., Cao, L., and Sun, Y.-P. (2006). Unique aggregation of anthrax (Bacillus anthracis) spores by sugar-coated single-walled carbon nanotubes. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 128, 13364-13365. View Details
  • Luo, P. G., Tzeng, T.-R., Shah, R. R., and Stutzenberger, F. J. Nanomaterials for Antimicrobial Applications and Pathogen Detection” Current Trends in Microbiology In press
  • Cao, L., Wang, X., Meziani, M. J., Lu, F., Wang, H.,  Luo, P. G., Lin, Y., Harruff, B. A., Veca, L. M., Xie, S.-Y., and Sun, Y.-P. Carbon quantum dots for multiphoton bioimaging. J. Am. Chem. Soc. In press
  • Sun, Y.-P., Lu, F., Wang, X., Cao, L., Lin, Y., Meziani, M. J., Wang, H., Luo, P. G., Zou, B., Harruff, B. A., Wang, W., Veca, L. M., Zhang, P., Xie, S,-Y., Yang, H., Diaz, J. A. “Photoluminescent Carbon Nanomaterials: Properties and Potential Applications” In “Applications of Nanoscience in Biomedicine”. In press.
  • Lin, Y., Li, H., Gu, L., Luo, P. G., Veca, M. L., Wang, H., Sun, Y.-P. Bioapplications of Carbon Nanotubes.  In press.
  • Luo, P. G., and Stutzenberger, F. J. Nanotechnology in the Detection and Control of Microorganisms. Adv. Appl. Microbiol. In review 

Professional Affiliations

  • Member, American Society for Microbiology, 2003 – present
  • Member, Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society, 2007
  • Reviewer, Journal of Applied Microbiology, 2006 – present
  • Reviewer, Letters in Applied Microbiology, 2006 – present