V. Christine Minor


Contact Information

330C Long Hall
Phone: 864 656-3837
FAX: 864 656-3839
Email: mminor@clemson.edu


  • M.S. Iowa State University, 1997
  • B.S. University of South Carolina, 1991

Research Interests

  • I recall sitting in a biology classroom as a sophomore student at the University of South Carolina when I decided that I wanted the professor's job. Enamored by the processes she explained and the organisms she described, I embarked on a late journey into the biological sciences that developed into a quest to find the most effective means to help students find the excitement native to biology. This quest is reflected in what I now do professionally at Clemson University.
  • As coordinator of non-majors general biology laboratories, I've developed and implemented a variety of process-oriented, investigative laboratories designed specifically for those students that will comprise a large portion of our society's "scientific consumers." I experiment with pedagogical approaches that make learning biological science personal, local, and relevant to the student. Laboratories and instructional methods I have developed have been presented nationally at ABLE, NABT, NSTA, and NAERC.

Selected Publications

  • Layfield, K.D., Minor, V.C., & J.A. Waldvogel. 2001. Integrating science into agricultural education: A survey of South Carolina teachers' perceptions. Proceedings of the 28th Annual National Agricultural Education Research Conference.
  • Minor, VCM and J Dickey. 2001. Murder and Mayhem in Freshman Biology. Tested Studies for Laboratory Teaching, the Proceedings of the Annual Workshops/Conferences of the Association for Biology Laboratory Education. Vol. 22.
  • Minor, VCM, L. Goodloe. 2001. Study Guide to Accompany LIFE: The Science of Biology. Sinauer Publishing.
  • Waldvogel, J and VCM Minor. 2000. Study Guide to Accompany DISCOVER BIOLOGY. Sinauer Publishing.
  • Minor, VCM. 1999, 2000, and 2001, 2002. What's News? Interactive Web Program to Accompany DISCOVER BIOLOGY. Norton Publishing.
  • Minor, VCM. ed. 1999, 2000, and 2001, 2002, 2003. Newswise News Feed for DISCOVER BIOLOGY. Norton Publishing.
  • Minor, VCM and WD Dolphin. 1999. Preparatory Guide to Accompany BIOLOGICAL INVESTIGATIONS: Form, Function, Diversity and Process, Fifth Edition. WCB/McGraw Hill.