Ecology Faculty Listing

Clemson Ecology Faculty have research interests in plant ecology, marine ecology, vertebrate ecology, microbial ecology, restoration ecology, and conservation biology. We study ecology from the level of the individual through that of the ecosystem.

Faculty involved in Ecology at Clemson are associated with various academic and research units.

Faculty interested in participating in the Clemson Ecology Faculty Group should contact Saara DeWalt ( 

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Paula Agudelo, PES | email
Plant-parasitic Nematodes in Agroecosystems

J. Antonio BaezaBiological Sciences | email
Evolutionary Biology, Behavioral Ecology, Marine Biology, Molecular Phylogenetics

Rob Baldwin, FEC | email
Conservation Biology; Wildlife Ecology; GIS

Kyle Barrett, FEC | email
Wetland and Aquatic Ecology

Sharon Bewick, Biological Sciences | email
Theoretical Ecology

Carmen Blubaugh, PES | email
Insect Ecology, Predator/Prey Interactions, Agricultural Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Barbara Campbell, Biological Sciences | email
Microbial Ecology

Michael Caterino PES | email
Systematics, population biology, and conservation of insects, especially beetles

Michael Childress, Biological Sciences | email
Evolutionary Behavioral Ecology and Marine Ecology

Juang-Horng Chong (“JC”), PES (Pee Dee REC) | email
Ecology of Pests of Turfgrass and Ornamental Crops

Alex Chow, FEC (Baruch REC) | email
Biogeochemistry; Environmental Quality

William Conner, FEC (Baruch REC) | email
Wetland and Forest Ecology

Saara J. DeWalt, Biological Sciences | email
Plant Population and Community Ecology

Caitlin Dyckman, Planning, Design, and the Built Environment | email
Water Conservation and planning; Environmental Law

Troy Farmer, FEC | email
Fish Ecology; Aquatic Ecology

Jeremy Greene PES (Edisto REC) | email
Insect Pest Ecology in Cotton and Soybean

Donald Hagan, FEC | email
Forest Ecology; Forest Soils; Invasion Ecology

John Hains, Biological Sciences | email
Limnology and Aquatic Ecology

Jess Hartshorn, FEC | email
Ecology of Forest Health

Dan Hitchcock, FEC (Baruch REC) | email
Ecological Design and Engineering

Cathy Jachowski, FEC | email
Stream ecology, amphibian ecology, population ecology, animal physiology and movement

David Jachowski, FEC | email
Wildlife physiology, behavior, population and community ecology

Pat Jodice, FEC and USGS Cooperative Unit Leader | email
Wildlife Ecology

Alan Johnson, FEC | email
Ecological Modeling; Environmental Risk Assessment

Julie Kerrigan, PES | email

Harry Kurtz, Biological Sciences | email
Microbial Ecology

Drew Lanham, FEC | email
Wildlife Ecology; Human Dimensions

Susan Loeb, US Forest Service | email
Wildlife Ecology

John Morse, PES | email
Aquatic Insect Ecology and Systematics

Brandon Peoples, FEC | email
Symbiosis, Aquatic Ecology, and Community Ecology

Bob Powell, FEC and Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Management | email
Conservation Management

Francis Reay-Jones, PES (Pee Dee REC) | email
Sampling and Spatial Ecology; Community and Population Ecology of Insects in Biofuel Crops; Crop Pest Ecology

John Rodgers, FEC | email
Aquatic Ecology;Ecotoxicology

Beth Ross, FEC and USGS Cooperative Unit Assistant Unit Leader | email
Population Ecology and Community Ecology

T.J. Savereno, Pee Dee REC email
Wildlife Biology; Habitat Restoration

Michael W. Sears, Biological Sciences | email
Physiological and Behavioral Ecology; Climate Change Biology

Bo Song, FEC (Baruch REC) | email
Landscape Ecology

Nishanth Tharayil, PES | email
Plant ecophysiology and biogeochemistry

Skip Van Bloem, FEC | email
Disturbance ecology, plant hormone ecophysiology, tropical forests, environmental change

Joan Walker, US Forest Service | email
Plant Ecology

Geoff Wang, FEC | email
Forest Ecology

Greg Yarrow, FEC | email
Chair, Forestry and Environmental Conservation
Wildlife Ecology