Undergraduate courses in ecology

Courses and research opportunities in Ecology at Clemson for undergraduate students are offered under a variety of rubrics (e.g., BIOL, FOR, WFB).

See the undergraduate majors page for a listing of undergraduate majors that support students interested in Ecology at Clemson.

Below is a list of Ecology-related courses with the faculty member(s) who usually teach the course and the regularity that the course is offered. TBD = to be determined. Courses are listed in alphabetically order by course code. All 4000-level courses are also offered at the 6000 (graduate)-level.




When offered

BIOL 3200

Field Botany

R. Ballard

Every fall

BIOL 4250, 4260/
PLPA 4250, 4260

Introductory Mycology, lab

J. Kerrigan

Every fall

BIOL 4410, 4450

Ecology, lab

S. Bewick (new Fall 2018)

Every fall

BIOL 4430, 4440

Freshwater Ecology

J. Hains

Spring 2019

BIOL 4460, 4470

Plant Ecology, lab



BIOL 4480

Marine Ecology

M. Childress

Every even-year spring

BIOL 4640, L4640

Mammalogy, lab

J. Cummings

Every even-year spring

BIOL 4700, 4710

Behavioral Ecology, lab

M. Childress/ L. Rapaport

Every spring

BIOL 4720




BIOL (ANTH) 4740


L. Rapaport

Every spring

BIOL 4860

Natural History

G. Burnett


BIOL 4960

Tropical Aquatic Ecology

J. Hains

Every summer

ENR 4130

Restoration Ecology



ENR 4290

Environmental Law and Policy

A. Johnson

Every fall

ENR 4500

Conservation Issues

A. Johnson

Every spring

ENT (BIOL) 3010

Insect Biology and Diversity

E. Benson

Every fall

ENT 4200

Systematics and Biodiversity

M. Caterino

Even-year spring

ENT 4360

Insect Behavior

P. Adler

Odd-year fall

ENT 4690

Aquatic Insects

J. Morse

Odd-year spring

FOR 3150

Woodland Ecology

A. Johnson


FOR 4340, 4341

GIS for Natural Resources, lab

R. Baldwin, C. Post

Multiple times a year

FOR 4650


G. Wang

Every spring

PES 4090

Biology of Invasive Plants

N. Tharayil

Every fall

WFB 3000

Wildlife Biology

C. Jachowski

Every fall

WFB 3130

Conservation Biology

S. Rodriguez

Every spring

WFB 4120

Wildlife Management

G. Yarrow


WFB 4300

Wildlife Conservation Policy

D. Lanham

Every spring

WFB 4440

Wildlife Damage Management

J. Davis 

Every spring

WFB 4620

Wetland Wildlife Biology

K. Barrett

Every spring

WFB 4720


N. Smith

Every fall

WFB 4760

Bird Conservation and Ecology

D. Lanham

Every spring

WFB 4770


B. Peoples

Every fall

WFB 4930

Quantitative Ecology, lab

D. Jachowski

Every spring