Programs of Study

Clemson Entomology offers programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, preparing students for a variety of careers in basic and applied insect science.

Clemson's undergraduate program is administered through the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences (PES). PES majors can minor in entomology and take advantage of all the research facilities and expertise available in the Entomology group. Another alternative is to major in Biological Sciences, where a special emphasis in entomology is available, or a minor. Any of these undergraduate degrees will provide excellent preparation for graduate work in entomological science. 

Research careers in entomology are exciting and adventurous. Jobs with universities, state and federal government agencies, the military and private businesses and industry often include a chance to travel and explore many exotic regions of the world. Professional entomologists play a significant role in the search for new knowledge about insects in areas as diverse as human and animal health, biodiversity, biotechnology, urban environments, forensics, environmental quality, manufacturing, agriculture, and industry. Our Master’s and Doctoral degree programs can start you along this path.

The Clemson Entomology Club

Entomology students are active in educational and social activities on-campus and off. Click here for more information on The Clemson Entomology Club ››