The Alfred Wheeler Jr. Endowment for Entomology

Guidelines for Application

Dr. Alfred G. Wheeler is currently an Adjunct Emeritus Professor in Clemson's Entomology program. He received his entomology training at Grinnell College (B.S. 1966) and Cornell University (Ph.D. 1971). He retired to Clemson following an illustrious career with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. He remains very active in research-related fieldwork, primarily involving the true bugs, and his personal speciality, the Miridae. 

This award was established to support group expeditions for entomology graduate students to explore unusual and interesting ecological communities. It is intended to promote enthusiasm and camaraderie among faculty, staff and students, and to facilitate exchange of knowledge and ideas, leading to long-lasting and productive professional relationships. Approximately $4,000 is available each year to help support travel costs.

Terms of the Award:

  • Expedition proposals must be developed and sponsored by the Clemson Entomology Club
  • Proposals should be initiated early enough to allow students, staff, and faculty to incorporate the expedition into their planning (at least six months prior to the trip)
  • There are no geographical restrictions, but costs may impose limits or require cost-sharing
  • Successful expeditions should result in a presentation in the Entomology seminar series on the trip
  • Proposals will be evaluated by an ad-hoc Committee composed of active and emeritus entomology faculty

Submission Requirements

  • Proposal should include:
    • destination
    • specific dates
    • travel plans (fly or drive)
    • available accommodations
    • collecting legalities (permits required and applications submitted)
    • list of committed and tentative participants
    • detailed break-down of costs and exactly what Wheeler funds would be needed to cover
    • brief synopsis of efforts made to maximize inclusion of eligible students, staff, and faculty