About Us


The goal of the CUEC is to be a self-sustaining enterprise that serves as a leader in the SC horse industry. This farm aims to provide a professional image, while maintaining herd health, safety and welfare as paramount concerns. Additionally, customer service along with student and employee safety and satisfaction is of utmost importance. The farm offers educational programs, riding teams and camps on an on-going basis. The CUEC maintains a small but high-quality breeding program; foals produced by the Center are sold through private treaty or through consignment sales. The Center also serves as a valuable resource for applied research relevant to contemporary concerns for the horse industry.


The facility that is now dedicated to the Clemson University Equine Center began as the sheep unit, and in the mid 1970s, under the direction of Mr. Butch Kennedy, was later developed into the Equine Center. This facility housed both ovine and equine species and was managed by the Animal Science Department. In approximately 2000, all livestock facilities became centrally managed under the Research Farm Services department, and the CUEC became dedicated to horses alone. In 2009, it became managed by CAFLS and in 2016 returned to its roots within the Animal and Veterinary Sciences Department.

The Equine Center has a strong tradition in producing stock horses, but was once home to an Arabian herd. 2016 marked the 40th year anniversary of annual production of American Quarter Horses, but the Center now also produces top quality hunter and sport horse and western performance/reining offspring.

Today, the CUEC maintains a variety of breeds for teaching, outreach and research purposes, and owns or leases approximately 55 to 60 horses that are predominantly Quarter Horses, Paints, Thoroughbreds, Warmbloods and crosses. Leased horses are primarily used to support the riding program for the IHSA and IEA equestrian teams.

Contact Us

Farm Manager- Julia Tagher; jtagher@clemson.edu

Program Coordinator and Assistant Farm Manager-Mary Schultz-Rathbun; mschul6@clemson.edu

CU Equine Center Director- Kristine Vernon, PhD; kvernon@clemson.edu

CLEAT coordinator- Kristine Vernon, PhD; CLEAT@clemson.edu

Physical Address

815 West Queen Street

Pendleton SC 29670