B.S. in Biological Sciences
with Emphasis in Entomology

Entomology is the scientific discipline devoted to the study of insects. More than one million insect species are known today. This represents 70 percent of all living animals, and many insect species remain unknown.

Insects can be found in virtually every habitat on Earth, and have played an important role in human history. They are an important food source for many animals including some human societies; they are often important elements in mythology; as transmitters of disease, they have determined the outcome of wars and the fate of civilizations; as pests of crop plants, they have had a significant impact on crop production; and as predators or parasites, they are important in regulating many species of plant and insect pests. Insects are among the most important competitors of humans, and at the same time, are vital for human survival.

Undergraduate majors in Biological Sciences can follow a curriculum that results in a degree with an emphasis in Entomology. Many Entomology courses are cross-listed in Biological Sciences allowing any student to receive credit in their major for courses about insect science.

Entomology Emphasis in Biological Sciences Curriculum

Cross-listed Courses:

  • ENT/BIO SCI 301  Insect Biology & Diversity
  • ENT/BIO SCI 400  Insect Morphology
  • Insect Taxonomy
  • Medical & Veterinary Entomology
  • ENT/BIO SCI 436  Insect Behavior
  • Aquatic Insects