Name Title Email Phone
Robert Baldwin Endowed Chair and Professor, Conservation Biology baldwi6@clemson.edu 864-656-1776
Kyle Barrett Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation rbarre2@clemson.edu 864-656-1847
Cathy Bodinof Jachowski Assistant Professor cjachow@clemson.edu 864-656-2849
Alex Chow Associate Professor achow@clemson.edu 843-546-1013 x 232
William Conner Professor wconner@clemson.edu 843-546-6323
David Coyle Assistant Professor dcoyle@clemson.edu 864-656-9766
Troy Farmer Assistant Professor of Fisheries Ecology tmfarme@clemson.edu 864-656-2932
Donald Hagan Assistant Professor of Forest Ecology dhagan@clemson.edu 864-656-7333
Jess Hartshorn Assistant Professor of Forest Health jhartsh@clemson.edu 864-656-4861
W. Heaton Extension Assistant Professor heaton2@clemson.edu
Patrick Hiesl Assistant Professor of Forest Operations phiesl@clemson.edu 864-656-7293
Althea Hotaling Hagan Director: Online Masters in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology Program shotali@clemson.edu 864-656-4823
David Jachowski Assistant Professor of Wildlife Ecology djachow@clemson.edu 864-656-2138
Patrick Jodice Professor pjodice@clemson.edu 864-656-6190
Alan Johnson Associate Professor alanj@clemson.edu 864-656-4390
Puskar Khanal Assistant Professor pkhanal@clemson.edu 864-656-3079
J. Drew Lanham Alumni Distinguished Professor of Wildlife Ecology lanhamj@clemson.edu 864-656-7294
Dr. Elena Mikhailova Professor of Soil Science eleanam@clemson.edu 864-656-3535
Marzieh Motallebi Assistant Professor MMOTALL@clemson.edu 843-546-1013
Tom O'Halloran Assistant Professor tohallo@clemson.edu 843-546-1013
Christopher Parkinson Professor viper@clemson.edu 864-656-3058
Stephen Peairs Assistant Professor speairs@clemson.edu 615-336-8484
Brandon Peoples Assistant Professor of Fisheries Ecology peoples@clemson.edu 864-656-4855
Dr. Christopher Post Professor of Environmental Information Science cpost@clemson.edu 864-656-6939
John Rodgers, Jr. Professor jrodger@clemson.edu 864-656-0492
Shari Rodriguez Assistant Professor of Human Dimensions of Wildlife slrodri@clemson.edu 864-656-0430
Beth Ross Assistant Professor bross5@clemson.edu 864-656-4141
Amy E. Scaroni Assistant Professor ascaron@clemson.edu 843-546-1013
Bo Song Associate Professor bosong@clemson.edu 843-545-5673
Thomas Straka Interim Department Chair and Professor tstraka@clemson.edu 864-656-4827
Skip Van Bloem Professor and Baruch Institute Director SKIPVB@clemson.edu 843-546-1013
G. Geoff Wang Professor gwang@clemson.edu 864-656-4864
Stefanie Whitmire Research Scientist whitmi6@clemson.edu 843-546-1013
Rick Willey Extension 4-H Natural Resource Specialist rwlly@clemson.edu 864-656-3090
Greg Yarrow Professor gyarrow@clemson.edu 864-506-1543

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