The Placebo Effect

Team Mentor:

Dr. Kay Cooksey, Professor
Cryovac Chair
Dept. of Food, Nutrition and Packaging Sciences

Students: Matthew Berenbrok, Kaitlin Elliot, Layton Glymph, John Kirkland, Mackenzie Lussier, Michael Pratt, Amy Presher, Donald Taylor, Dallas Fletcher

Abstract: The purpose of this project is to inform consumers about the dangers of counterfeit drugs in the U.S. Some of these dangers include: drug contamination, wrong drug dosage, wrong or no active ingredient. Although it is difficult to assess to what extent counterfeiting occurs, literature states that 15-35% of all medication worldwide is fake. The manners in which drugs are being counterfeited include duplication of package using advanced printing techniques, copying holographic and other graphic features. Countermeasures are being implemented to alert consumers in order to curb the effectiveness of counterfeiters. These countermeasures can range from complex holographic images that can be seen by consumers to inks with trademark identification using UV inks that can only be seen with special tools by the pharmacist. Furthermore, this project will supply consumers with information that will allow consumers to recognize counterfeit medications, using examples of counterfeit packages found on the market recently.

The Placebo Effect Poster - Spring 2012