Using Creative Inquiry to Investigate Food Advertising Claims

Team Mentors:

Dr. Rose Martinez-Dawson, Senior Lecturer
Dept Applied Economics & Statistics

Dr. Paul Dawson, Professor
Dept Food Science and Human Nutrition


  • Review history, previous research, product composition and production processes for advertised products associated with advertised claims

  • To utilize scientific methods to investigate product claims or questions and test the developed hypothesis

  • To utilize the disciplines of food science, mathematics (geometry), statisics and engineering in the investigations of food-related advertising claims or statements

Title:  The Meaning and Validity of "Kid-friendly" Food Advertising Claims

Student Team members: Mary Barnes, Marisa Case, Devin Hicks, Jerry Marsh, Mark Maurer, Candice Sapp

Abstract:  The team is investigating the meaning of "Kid-friendly" labeling claims made by food companies and how consumers perceive these claims. Food companies will be contacted and previous literature has been reviewed to determine the different meanings attached to these claims. The team will also develop a survey to evaluate consumer protection of these advertising claims. The nutritional quality of various foods having a "kid-friendly" claim will be determined and compared to similar food products not having the claim. Data collection is not complete at this point however the team will report on the types of foods having "kid-friendly" claims, the various meanings of these claims, how these are interpreted by consumers and the overall nutritional quality of these foods.