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Food & Culinary Science Program

Clemson University, in partnership with The Education Abroad Network (TEAN), offers an unparalleled academic and cultural program in Melbourne, Australia designed specifically for Food Science, Culinary Science, and Nutrition majors. During this comprehensive semester 'down under' students will not only fulfill major requirements alongside their Australian peers, but also participate in hands-on offerings outside of the classroom to further enhance their learning. 

Along with the opportunity to study at a world class university, Deakin University, students have direct exposure to the food science industry through a number of field experiences, including visits to leading Australian companies and organizations, while also aking the most of living in Melbourne through dimmers cultural activities.

Program Overview

  • Study food science, culinary science, and/or nutrition at Deakin University; a comprehensive university ranked in the top 50 universities in the world under 50 years by the QS World University Rankings.
  • Enjoy the Melborne lifestyle. Voted the world's most liveable city four times running, Melbourne will captivate you with its charming cafe culture and cool nightlife.
  • Take advantage of additional food science excurions including a tour of the largest brewery in Australia. 
  • Experience living on campus with local and international students.
  • Participate in our Cultural Events Program designed to introduce you to the local Melbourne scene. 
  • Explore the Great Barrier Reef and tropical far north of Australia during your comprehensive five-day Orientation Program, with a week of adventure and learning. 
  • Benefit from acess to TEAN's in-country Resident Director for continued support throughout the semester.

Academic Program

Students can choose from the following courses at Deakin University:

Food Science Courses

HSN 206 Food Analysis and Quality Assurance

This unit provides students with an understanding of analytical methods used for measuring the chemical composition of food. Methods for the measurement of the physical properties of food are investigated as well as the management systems used by the food industry to ensure consistently high-quality products. 

HSN 309 Food Policy and Regulation

This unit is designed to provide students with an understanding of how food policy and regulation affects the different components of the food system, including food production, processing, marketing, consumption, and nutritional health. Food policy is critically important for public health due to its role in food security and sustainablity, healthy eating, and obesity prevention. 

HSN 315 Food Manufacturing and Process Innovation

This unit covers basic principles of food processing (e.g. mass balance, fluid flow, and heat transfer) and commercial scale processing techniques such as low temperature and thermal processing, drying and concentration, extrusion technology and irradiation. 

HSN 313 Sensory Evaluation of Foods

This unit helps students gain knowledge on the types on the types of sensory evaluation methods that are commonly used and application of the menthods in both product development and human nutrition. Sudents develop skills in implementing and anlysing basic sensory test.

SLE 234 Microbiology

Microbiology is the study of microscopic unicellular organisms, which include prokaryotes (such as bacteria), eukaryotes (such as algae), and viruses. This unit covers the study of the structure of microorganism, how the function, grow and reproduce, the relationship between microorganisms and their environment, and the ability of bacterial gene expression to respond to prevailing environmental signals. 

Additional Courses

AIA 106 Sex, Race and Australia's People

AIA 200 Indigenous Australian's in the 20th Century

AIX Australia Today: An Introduction to Australia

Food Science Excurions

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival: Students will participate in the famous Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, learning from the world's most inspiring and interesting chefs through a Master Class

Tour of Carlton Brewhouse in Abbotsford: Students will enjoy a behind the scenes toru of the Carlton Brewhouse uncovering the secrets of production and distribution that are unique to the brewery.

*Events will vary depending on availability.

Program Fees

Tuition & Services: $12,580

Housing on Campus: $4,750

*Fees from Fall 2017. Spring 2018 to be confirmed.

For more information contact Dr. Aubrey Coffee in the department of Food, Nutrition and Packaging Sciences, Clemson University or Call TEAN on 800-585-9658.

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