Food Industry Emphasis

The Food Industry emphasis is designed for students who are interested in pairing nutrition and food science knowledge for job opportunities in food service management, food product development, and hospitality. The curriculum provides a strong science, nutrition, and food science foundation for developing well-rounded professionals prepared for today’s demands in business and industry.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for students who pursue the Food Industry emphasis include food service management, food product development, food manufacturing, food distribution, food marketing, food sales, public relations and consumer affairs. Employment settings include school nutrition and food service; healthcare facilities; food production, manufacturing, and distribution companies; and government agencies such as the USDA and FDA.

Food Industry Emphasis Requirements

Students in the Food Industry emphasis must complete 17 credits in the emphasis area. One credit of professional development coursework (NUTR 4190 Professional Development in Nutrition) is required. The remaining 16 credits may be selected from the following list of courses. Refer to the Nutrition Concentration Emphasis Area Course List (PDF, 144 KB) for further details.

  • FDSC 4010 Food Chemistry I (preq BCHM 3050) – 3 credits

  • FDSC 4020 Food Chemistry II (preq FDSC 4010) – 3 credits

  • FDSC 4030 Food Chemistry & Analysis (preq FDSC 4010) – 2 credits

  • FDSC 3070 Restaurant Food Service Management – 3 credits

  • NUTR 4070/4071 Quantity Food Production and Lab – 3 credits

  • FDSC 4090 TQM Food & Package Industries (preq STAT 2300) – 3 credits

  • FDSC 4100 Food Product Development (preq FDSC 4030) – 4 credits

  • FDSC 4500 Creative Inquiry – 1 or 2 credits