Packaging Science, M.S.

The M.S. degree program in Packaging Science is designed to prepare the graduate to work independently in the research, development, and application of new packaging materials and processes. A variety of fields of research related to foods, distribution, design, medical and healthcare, polymers, biopolymers, active packaging are available as focus areas of thesis research. The overall curriculum for the M.S. degree is individually designed to augment the student’s background and to provide a broad understanding of packaging science along with the selected specialized knowledge in the area of the student’s research.

Graduate students may be accepted with backgrounds relating to chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology or engineering. Graduate students with backgrounds in business or graphic communications or other disciplines may be accepted on a provisional basis which converts to full acceptance after completing courses equivalent to the basic science and mathematics courses in the department’s undergraduate curriculum.

The M.S. degree in Packaging Science requires 30 hours of coursework, six of which are thesis research (PKSC 8910), and the completion of an acceptable M.S. thesis. In addition to PKSC 8910, students register for at least one credit of PKSC 8510.

Each student is required to select a major faculty advisor, prepared to accept the applicant as an advisee, before starting a graduate degree.

For additional information, please see the Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences Graduate Student Handbook and Graduate Announcements.

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Program Contact:

Kim Collins
Office: 223 Poole Agricultural Center
Phone: (864) 656-3397

Program Coordinator:

Paul Dawson
Office: 226 Life Sciences Facility
Phone: (864) 656-1138