Graduate Faculty Advisors

Name Title Email Phone
Gregory Batt Assistant Professor 864-723-0740
Feng Chen Professor 864-656-5702
Margaret Condrasky Professor 864-656-6554
Duncan Darby Associate Professor 864-656-6937
Angela Fraser Professor 864-656-3652
Vivian Haley-Zitlin Associate Professor 864-656-7716
R. Andrew Hurley Associate Professor
Xiuping Jiang Professor 864-656-6932
Johnny McGregor Professor 864-650-0817
Julie Northcutt Professor 864-656-3688
Anthony Pometto III Professor 864-656-4382
E. Jeffery Rhodehamel Department Chair and Professor 864-656-1211
Alexis Stamatikos Assistant Professor
William Whiteside Professor 864-423-0727

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