Packaging Science Research Associate Awarded Professional Level Certification in CPLP Program

Mr. Kyle Dunno, a Research Associate and Laboratory Coordinator in the Packaging Science program at Clemson University, has been awarded the Professional level certification in the CPLP program through the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA). The Professional level is the highest level of CPLP (Certified Professional in Learning and Performance) certification. Mr. Dunno joins fellow packaging faculty member, Mr. Greg Batt, as one of only 20 in the world to carry this distinction.

The ISTA Certified Packaging Laboratory Professional (CPLP) Program encourages and recognizes development and excellence in packaging laboratory professionals. Manufacturers can improve their ability to achieve effective, economical packaging when their own people receive this unique training. CPLP certification is particularly valuable for enhancing the credibility of people involved with ISTA testing and ISTA certified laboratory operations. Professional-level certification is based on a résumé of industry activities and accomplishments.  

In his role as Laboratory Coordinator at Clemson, Kyle is responsible for the Sonoco Transit Test Lab, managing day-to-day operations. He took the position after graduating from Clemson with a B.S. in Packaging in May of 2006. He then earned an M.S. in Packaging in 2008, with a thesis based on developing PSD profiles for aircraft vibration of turbo propeller aircraft. Kyle presented his findings at ISTA’s Forum in 2009. He is currently working on a Ph.D. in Food Technology. His research is focused on the distribution of retort pouches being transported and how the hazards experienced throughout the transport can shorten the expected shelf life. As Kyle continues his own education, he is in a position to teach and educate undergraduate and graduate students at Clemson. Classes he’s taught and continue to teach include Packaging for Distribution, Packaged-Product Testing, and Packaging Fundamentals Short Course.

Kyle has been an active member of ISTA since 2006. He serves as the Clemson lab’s Delegate and has worked with ISTA Staff in the past coordinating guest speakers in classes and serving as a resource for technical questions. He is also a member of IoPP and NIPHLE. Kyle is a popular presenter at conferences, presenting for ISTA, NIPHLE and IAPRI. His findings from his Master’s thesis findings have been published in the Journal of Packaging Technology and Science (December 2009).

*Much of this article has been quoted from the ISTA journal (

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