Academic Program Fee

The departmental mission of Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences at Clemson University aligns well with the University’s Clemson Forward Strategic Plan. The department is dedicated to the development and practice of creative teaching, innovative research and high impact public service programs that improve food safety and quality; nutritional wellbeing; and packaging design, processing materials, and transportation. By providing leadership in food technology, culinary science, human nutrition and packaging science, the department delivers the tools and education for advancing the food, nutrition services, and packaging industries to improve the quality of life for people in South Carolina, the nation and the global community.

Keeping pace with change is critical for success in the 21st century. FNPS graduates must be prepared with more than just access to the latest technology and course content. They need courses that fully develop their skills in leadership, research, decision-making, and critical-thinking. We want our students to have an impactful, and rewarding college experience with the opportunity to pursue outstanding careers. To accomplish this, we have designed each of our programs undergraduate experience to increase our student’s success in highly competitive job markets.  This goal is partially supported by an Academic Program Fee that funds student engagement opportunities, program enhancements, infrastructure, and faculty positions that benefit both majors.  Clemson University is not unique in charging these types of fees, but we want to be transparent about them.

Enhancements include additional student engagement opportunities in each of our majors and concentrations such as funding for all students to attend related professional conferences, reduced student:teacher ratios, opportunities to tour/visit related companies or health profession sites, supporting and enhancing Creative Inquiry (undergraduate research) opportunities, supporting fees for professional certifications, infrastructure enhancements and ultimately top-tier faculty additions. The ability to enhance our advising capabilities and professional development opportunities will give our students a competitive edge.

Fee Assessment*

Food Science & Human Nutrition (FDHN) Major Fee:

  • $750 per semester for all full-time FDHN majors
  • $63 per credit hour for part-time students

Packaging Science (PKSC) Major Fee:

  • $1000 per semester for all full-time PKSC majors
  • $84 per credit hour for part-time students

Fee-Funded Programs/Benefits

  • Enriched Student Engagement
    • Creative Inquiry Product Development Teams - offers students opportunities in national competitions sponsored by professional associations (e.g., Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) National Product Development, DuPont Nutrition and Health Knowledge Award competition, 48 Hour Repack Packaging competition)
    • Sponsored attendance at annual professional conferences such as Research Chef Association (RCA), Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE), Pack Expo, and Packaging Jamboree
    • Opportunities to tour/visit food or packaging related companies and/or health profession sites within the state or region
    • Student travel funding to national conferences for presenting research findings or team competitions
    • Students can apply for financial aid to make study abroad learning opportunities a reality
  • Student discipline associated certifications (HACCP, ServSafe, etc.)
  • National professional organization student memberships for selected students
  • Additional Graduate Teaching Assistantships to enhance learning opportunities for various courses and laboratories
  • Increased Instructional support
    • Increase the number of top-tier faculty and decrease average class size across the department
    • Average class sizes (student:teacher ratios ) across each program can be reduced
    • Increase advising capabilities and/or dedicated advising positions
    • Stipend to bring in industry and health professional experts as guest speakers or lecturer series
  • Enhancements and upgrades to each programs infrastructure and equipment
  • Program industry-specific recruiters are brought to campus to interact with students.

Contact Us

If you have additional questions about the opportunities provided by the fee, please contact:

E. Jeffrey Rhodehamel, Ph.D.

Chair, Department of Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences

223 Poole Agricultural Center