Information for Undergraduates

Degrees & Concentrations:

Food Science, B.S.

Food Science

Students in the Food Science B.S. program must select a concentration:

Packaging Science, B.S.

Packaging Science

Students in the Packaging Science B.S. program must select an emphasis area:

- Distribution, Transportation and Engineering Technology

- Materials

- Food and Health Care Packaging

- Package Design and Graphics

Co-op Requirement
All Clemson packaging science undergraduates are required to complete a 15 week co-op within the food manufacturing and packaging industry. Please contact Dr. Jeff Neal ( or Mr. Bob Moore (
for more information.

Food Science & Technology 

Food scientists and technologists work to help meet consumer demand for food products that are safe, healthy, convenient, and flavorful. 

  Nutrition and Dietetics

Dietetics is the high-tech science of applying food and nutrition to health. It's a vital, growing field open to creativity and opportunity - and the possibilities are endless.

The Department of Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Science at Clemson University has approximately 400 undergraduates and over 50 graduate students.  We are a growing program with an emphasis on engaging students with the best educational experience possible.

We are recognized nationally for our top flight graduates and our students are responsible for the manufacture of Clemson's world famous ice cream.  Students from our programs are highly sought after and easily compete for the best jobs across the United States. In fact, the most recent starting salary for a Clemson student graduating with a B.S. degree in Food Science is $45,000 and $50,000 with those holding degrees in packaging Science.

Helpful links:

2013-'14 Undergraduate Student Handbook: To introduce you to the department, the faculty has compiled this informational booklet. The subject matter contained here is of great importance to students. The information in this booklet will allow you to grasp the overall scope of your chosen program and how it fits within the Department of Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences.

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