Packaging Science, BS

What a career in Packaging Science is all about...

The Packaging Science program at Clemson trains knowledgeable, industry-ready graduates, conducts innovative and applied research, and provides responsive, high-quality service to industry in unparalleled services.

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Students gain an understanding of the materials, containers and production methods used in packaging, and all the major-end uses of packaging and their requirements. Students also learn about the legislative, regulatory and environmental impact issues of packaging and spend an extensive amount of time completing laboratory work, industry projects and a required industry co-op (internship).

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Emphasis Areas

Emphasis Areas are areas of concentration within the packaging industry. You may have interest in designing innovative new packaging styles, coming up with "greener" packaging materials or working in the food or healthcare industry.

Whatever you desire you will be able to achieve through these specialized courses. You can choose from:

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Careers in Packaging Science

Packaging Science students can work for companies that convert materials into packages of all kinds and by brand owners in every major industry from food, pharmaceuticals and personal care to cars, electronics and appliances. Here are just a few of the companies that have hired Clemson Packaging Science students:

  • BMW

  • Campbell's

  • IBM

  • Kraft

  • Mars

  • MeadWestvaco

  • Nestle

  • PrintPack

  • Sealed Air

  • Sonoco