HORT 308 Project Description

This is a shortened description of what Mary Haque's HORT 308 Landscape Design class projects are like. Mary received her Masters of Landscape Architecture from N.C. State University in 1978. Since her arrival at Clemson University she has devoted her teaching time to instructing students in the fundamentals and elements of landscape design. Mary not only shows the students how to design a wonderful landscape, but also lets them collaborate in teams to work on an actual project.

True, this is a classroom course, but Mary takes it a step further by finding clients in the community for the students to work with so that they are getting actual hands-on-experience. The students confer with the client and find out their likes/dislikes, what kind of design they want, how much are they willing to invest, what will the landscape be used for, and other questions vital to the design. This is not your ordinary classroom-bookwork-course! HORT 308 Landscape Design is an adventure into the real world of practical horticulture!