Hort 308 Sustainable Landscape Garden Design

Dr. Ellen Vincent
173 Poole Agricultural Center
(864) 656-1342
(864) 656-4960


  • 4 credit hours (3,3)
  • Prerequisite:  HORT 208 and 303
  • Landscape planning of residential and public properties in order to achieve best use and most enjoyment from a given piece of ground.

Course Objectives:

You will be instructed in and encouraged to experiment with and develop competency in designing and presenting landscape plans.  Class projects will range in scale from small to large and will focus on problem solving, computer graphic communication, working with clients, and presenting detailed finished plans.

At the conclusion of this course, the student shall:

  • Demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the principles and characteristics of good design.  This will be evidenced by the students ability to develop a program, prepare a site analysis, functional diagram, and illustrate master plan for the properties described above.
  • Be able to design and produce accurate, complete and easily readable planting plans, plant lists, and detail drawings for landscape projects.
  • Be able to properly use paving patterns, water features, and plant materials in a conceptual manner to create good design as evidenced by the student's ability to incorporate those elements into a unified solution.


Evaluation of the work will be based on completeness, accuracy of information, appropriateness of design decisions, quality of graphic delineation, and clarity of verbal presentaion.


Design projects will constitute a major portion of your grade.  The due dates for these can be found in the course syllabus; all projects must be handed in at the begining of class on the day assigned.  Late plans will be penalized by dropping one grade per week.