Clemson Municipal Complex

Municipal complex sign

Dedicated on December 9, 1990, the Clemson City Hall was called the city's "message to the community" by Mayor Larry Abernathy. That message says that the citizens of Clemson can expect  a high quality of service when they come to City Hall. Clemson City  Hall was designed  and built by Trehel Construction and Design Partnership. The complex is still in the stages of completion, with the next stage, the new Law Enforcement Center, was completed in the Fall of 1996.

In the interior lobby of City Hall, hangs paintings by local artists. Also, public information boards have the agendas and schedules of all public meetings and other information vital to the community. Clemson City Hall currently houses the Administration, Finance, Water/Sewer, and Utilities departments. The Council Chamber is located on the bottom floor and it is lined with photos of Clemson's leaders from the past. 


Project 1: Irrigation

The HORT 400 students observed irrigation design and installation with the City of Clemson Horticulturist, John. 

 John shows the irrigation design to the students to illustrate how a design is used in the over-all installation of irrigation.

 Irrigation design

John shows the students some of the equipment that is involved in irrigation and explains how it works.

Irrigation equipment 

Students on site where irrigation is to be installed.

Irrigation site

Irrigation site  

Project 2: Retaining Wall

Students laying the wall blocks and checking to make sure that each block is laid in-line with the others. 

 Laying retaing wall

Alligning wall blocks 

Students Christina Smith and Stephan Gustafson sweep crush-and-run debris from the top of the blocks to ensure levelness.

Leveling wall 

Some of the students tried their hand at operating the Bobcat.

Student using bobcat

Finished retaining wall

Finished wall  


Project 3:  Brick Paver Entrance Path

Clemson City Hall  

 City Hall

Student Patrick Hardin helps out by laying some of the pavers.

Student laying pavers

A close-up of the pavers and the gravel-dust foundation that they are placed on.

Pavers on foundation 

A string is used to ensure that the path is laid straight, and the 1" PVC pipe is used to make sure that the gravel dust base is 1" thick.

Pavers and pipes