Nettles Park

Nettles Park is located in Clemson, SC and serves as a place of recreation for the community.  The park houses baseball fields, a soccer/football field, and tennis courts for the people of Clemson and surrounding areas to enjoy.


Students in HORT 400 preparing entrance island for planting materials for the design. 

Preparing to plant

Tree Planting

Doug Bailey and Corey Rogers digging a hole to plant a dogwood. Students are taught the proper way to dig planting holes--3 times the diameter of the root-ball at the correct height.   

Digging tree hole


Some of the students removing nails and peeling back the burlap from the rootball to prevent the roots from drying out through "wicking."

Preparing tree
Inserting tree 

Adding Plants

HORT 400 students being assisted by John, the city of Clemson's horticulturist, with the proper placement of plant materials for the design near the entrance sign. 

Placing plants 

Placing plants

Students Sam and Campbell Cox planting the material surround the entrance sign.

Planting by sign