Designing and Installing a Learning Landscape and Carolina Fence Garden

Elizabeth Tolley
Halicine Van Brink
Michael Martin
Erin Strickland

Townville Elementary School

Elizabeth's lesson plan (PDF)
Halicine's lesson plan (PDF)
Michael's lesson plan (PDF)
Erin's lesson plan (PDF)

Presentation (PDF)

Students involved in project (Left to Right) Halicine Van Brink, Elizabeth Tolley, Erin Strickland, and Michael Martin worked together to complete a school beautification project at Townville Elementary School in Anderson County. 
Elizabeth introduced the children to gardening on a smaller scale. The students planted pansies in pots that would later be set around the flagpole.
"To me a lush carpet of pine needles or spongy grass is more welcome than the most luxurious Persian rug."
- Helen Keller
 children pot plants
Director of Public Affairs came to take pictures Mr. John W. Parris was kind enough to travel to Townville Elementary School to take pictures for us. Mr. Parris is the director of public affairs for the SC FFA Association, SC YF and Agribusiness association, and the SC Association of Agriculutral Educators.

Learning to Do
Doing to Learn
Earning to Live
Living to Serve
- FFA Motto
“And when the child’s first harvest comes in, put everything aside to count the pea pods, to admire the colors in a handful of marigolds, to feel the smooth, shiny skin of a pepper. These rituals are the true bonding agent of child, adult, and garden.”
- Marjorie Waters
Down in the Dirt with Kids: Tips on Raising a crop of Young Gardeners
Student talking to school child 
2 students gardening Halicine and Jennifer are hard at work trying to get everything finshed up.

"Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature."
- John Muir

After all is said and done, the girls take a break by the flagpole.

"In a child's garden - imagination grows."
- Gwen Frostic
Motto of the 4-H Children's Garden at Michigan State University  
3 girls by flagpole
Student explains breaking up the rootball
Erin explains to the students the importance of breaking up the rootball. All of the students were excited about planting the pansies. A few of boys, like Troy Dobbins (to the left), dug in the ground like puppies and chanted, "Dig, dig, dig."