Square Foot Gardens

Aaron Eichman
Clemson Elementary School

Aaron's lesson plan (PDF)
Aaron's powerpoint presentation (PDF)

Student with kids Aaron Eichman explains to the children why we will be planting kale and winter cabbage.

"It often happens to children - and sometimes to gardeners - that they are given gifts of value of which they do not perceive until much later." - Wayne Winterrowd




Student planting with kidsGardening with Youth students Elizabeth, Halicine, Rebecca C., and Rebecca W. help Clemson Elementary students plant pansies, winter cabbage, and kale. The HORT students allowed the students to design their own beds.

"The wonderful thing about garden-based learning is that it's a hands-on, minds-on experience where my students and I learn together." - Kids and Classrooms

 Rebecca helps kids play in the dirt  

 Rebecca helps kids "play in the dirt".

"Children get smashed for hours on some strictly limited aspect of the Great Big Everything, the Universe, such as water or snow or mud or colors or rocks." -Kurt Vonnegut






Students helping students flowers

Kathy, Michael, Erin, and Joseph help a group of kids arrange their flowers. The kids decided to place the cabbage in the middle surrounded by kale and pansies.

"Usually children spend more time in the garden than anybody else. It is where they learn about the world, because they can be in it unsupervised, yet protected. Some gardeners will remember from their own earliest recollections that no one sees the garden as vividly, or cares about it as passionately,
as the child who grows up in it."
~Carol Williams, Bringing a Garden to Life


 Student explaining tools to kids
Aaron explains to the kids they need to be careful because of the tools they will be using. I don't believe we expected the large group of kids that we were faced with. It was still loads of fun.
"I am inclined to think that the flowers we most love are those we knew when we were very young." -Dorothy Thompson




Student teaching kids about plants We have a question . . . I don't know the answer. Where is Ms. Haque or Bill when you need their expertise?

"There are no seven wonders in the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million."
~Walt Streightiff





Planting flowersErin and Michael's kids make them do all the work. What happened to Joseph and Kathy?
"Every child is born a naturalist. His eyes are, by nature, open to the glories of the stars, the beauty of the flowers, and the mystery of life." -R. Search