Garden Club of America--2012 Clara Carter Higgins Scholarship and GCA Awards for Summer Environmental Studies (Deadline: 2/10/12)

(Posted:  5/4/11)

The Garden Club of America (GCA) is offering the 2012 Clara Carter Higgins Scholarship and GCA Awards for Summer Environmental Studies for undergraduate students.  The scholarship was designed to encourage studies and careers in the environmental field, with the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience beyond the regular course of study.  Some of the summer programs students have completed recently include the study of hazardous waste, marine science, energy, plant resources in the tropics, barrier island ecology, and oil spill cleanup and control.  One Clara Carter Higgins scholar and one or more GCA Summer Environmental Studies scholars will receive $2000 per recipient in financial assistance for summer coursework in environmental studies.

1) Open to college students following their freshman, sophomore, or junior year;

2) must have demonstrated a keen interest in the betterment of the environment an opportunity for further study at a site chosen by the student.

Application packet must consist of the following:
1) Completed Application Form (to download an application form [pdf], click here);

2) Short essay (Please explain what you know about the program you have selected, how it fits into your future plans and what knowledge and experience you hope to gain during this summer program.  Scholarships are awarded to students who wish to do field work or research beyond their regular academic requirements.  The work may award academic credit, but it must be in addition to required credits.) (Use separate sheet to answer);

3) Two letters of recommendation from your advisor and a professor in your major department (One should include comments on your academic progress and achievement, personal qualities, and eligibility for the summer program you have selected.  The other should include information on the program you have selected and assurance that you have applied and can be accepted.);

4) An official college transcript.
Deadline:  February 10, 2012

Send application packet to (do not fax or e-mail): 
GCA Awards for Summer Environmental Studies, The Garden Club of America, 14 East 60th Street, New York, NY 10022.  For questions or additional information, contact:  Connie Yates, Garden Club of America, at 212-753-8287, Fax:  212-753-0134; E-mail: