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Contact InfoDegreeMajor Advisor(s)Research Interests
Abdelghafar, Asma Ph.D. K. Gasic Marker assisted breeding in peach
Ahmed, Saleh Ph.D. P. Agudelo Nematicidal activity of plant extracts
Almuziny, Makhdora PhD N. Tharayil Plant Ecophysiology
Alwan, Mostafa PhD N. Tharayil Plant Ecophysiology
Bethea, Frank Ph.D. H. Liu Correlating the Cuticle Layer with Foliar Absorption
Brown, Jessica MS J. Adelberg Plant propagation
Burrell, Ralph MS G. Reighard Peach tree physiology
Caesar, Lindsay MS J. Adelberg Plant propagation
Canegallo, Alejandro PhD B. Martin  Spring dead spot on bermudagrass
Crook, Jeremy PhD J. Faust Physiology of cuttings in propagation
Cross, Robert PhD B. McCarty Herbicide Tolerance on turf
Cushman, Laary MS P. McMillan Plant Ecology
Dant, Lukas PhD B. Martin Fungal diseases on turf
Dowling, Madeline PhD G. Schnabel Fingicide resistance
El-Hawaz, Rabia PhD J. Adelberg Regulation of medicinal compunds in turmeric
Fan, Zhen MS G. Schnabel Fungal diseases on peach
Gambrell, Nathaniel MS B. McCarty Turf Physiology
Garrett, Holly PhD D. Park
Gore, Adam MS
Gunter, David PhD M. Jones Herbicide resistant weeds
Henderson, Russell PhD B. Fortnum
Hiott, Amanda MS K. Kirk Agronomy
Holguin, Claudia PhD P. Agudelo Ecology of lance and reniform nematodes
Holmes, Kirk MS
Joseph, Dwayne PhD M. Marshall Weed management
Kelly, Allison PhD
Li, Mohan PhD
Li, Wei PhD P. Agudelo & C. Wells  Cotton responses to reniform nematode infection
Li, Xingpeng PhD G. Scnabel Fungicide resistance
Lin, YuShin MS
Lott, Terasa PhD
Ma, Xinyuan PhD P. Agudelo Lance nematode phylogenetics
Maroli, Amithi PhD N. Tharayil Plant Ecophysiology
Massey, Hunter PhD K. Kirk  
McConnell, Charly MS C. Sawyer
Miller, Reid MS
Mirmow, Winston MS H. Liu Tur physiology
Parris, James PhD
Pellet, Alex PhD P. McMillan Watershed management
Poudel, Bindu PhD S. Scott  Virus on blackberry
Qiao, Xin PhD A. Khalilian Precision agriculture
Ramsey, Henry MS
Redding, Nathan PhD P. Agudelo and C. Wells Soybean responses to reniform nematode infection
Robb, David MS G. Zehnder Sustainable agriculture
Sharpe, Suzette MS S. Jeffers
Shaver, Bradly PhD B. Martin and P. Agudelo Nematode management on turfgrasses
Signoretti, Peter MS B. McCarty Turf physiology
Tamura, Mioko PhD N. Tharayil Plant ecophysiology
Wang, Junjian PhD A. Chow