Charles Beard Research Specialist 864-656-5070
Suzanne Droddy Accnt/Fiscal Analyst
Jackie Ellis Instructor/Training Coordinator I 864-656-5048
Brittany Ellis Research Associate 864-656-5066
Michael Ferro Collection Manager 864-656-3105
Lisa Flick Student Services Manager 864-656-3683
Kelly Flynn Associate Coordinator IPM and Sustainable Agriculture Programs 864-656-5057
Andrew Gitto Research Assistant/Lab Manager 864-656-6704
David Harshman Ag. Science Assoc.
Jennifer Hooper Administrative Assistant/HR 864-656-0626
Samneet Kashyap Graduate Research Assistant 843-617-8219
Tracy Pratt Accountant/Fiscal Analyst 864-656-7455
Tracy Reynolds Administrative Assistant 864-656-4964
S. Cory Tanner Horticulture Program Team Leader 864-365-0633
Jeanice Troutman Research Associate 864-656-5739
Brian Ward Research Scientist 843-402-5389

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