Studying pre-medicine as a Plant and Environmental Sciences major

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Pre-medicine is not a major at Clemson University. Students can pick any major to pursue, but will need to take additional coursework to prepare them for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and medical school entrance requirements. Pre-med programs do not discriminate among different majors that students choose; rather, there are recommended courses that are required to join most pre-med programs. It is strongly advised however, that you look closely at the pre-med program you intend to apply to, to ensure you have all the necessary classes to be qualified to join. Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).

What courses are recommended in preparing for medical school?

Core Preparation Courses

  • Introductory Biology BIOL 1030+1050 & BIOL 1040+1060 or BIOL 1100 & BIOL 1110
  • Introductory Chemistry CH 1010 & CH 1020
  • Organic Chemistry CH 2230+2270 & CH 2240+2280
  • Biochemistry BCHM 3010 or 3050
  • Physics PHYS 1220+1240 & PHYS 2210+2230 or PHYS 2070+2090 & PHYS 2080+2100
  • Psychology PSYC 2010
  • Sociology SOC 2010

Additional Recommended Coursework

  • Anatomy and Physiology BIOL 2220 & 2230 or BIOL 3150 & 3160
  • Cell Biology BIOL 4610
  • Genetics GEN 3000 or GEN 3020
  • Microbiology MICR 3050

Note: Requirements vary by institution and should be verified individually.

How do Plant and Environmental Sciences concentrations work towards pre-med preparation?

Essentially, you just have to compare what classes are required as a PES major, and what is recommended for studying pre-medicine. You will find numerous similarities. Below are links that will lead to charts comparing pre-medicine coursework with what is required in each of the PES concentrations. For further information, contact Student Services Manager, Lisa Flick at

Pre-med chart for Agricultural Biotechnology majors

Pre-med chart for Agronomy majors

Pre-med chart for Soil and Water Science majors