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The Plant and Environmental Sciences (PES) department has three undergraduate majors: Horticulture, Plant and Environmental Sciences, and Turfgrass. Advising is managed by the Student Services Manager and a team of faculty advisors. Each semester, PES advisors work with students to select the appropriate courses based on their major to help ensure they graduate on time. Our undergraduate advisors can also assist with general advising and academic questions, completion of academic forms, and course and registration information.

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General Undergraduate Advising Information

  • Where is the advising office?
    The main advising office can be found in the Poole Agricultural Center, room 170. For questions related to academic advising, please email Student Services Manager, Lisa Flick, at LCFLICK@clemson.edu. The campus map can be accessed at: http://www.clemson.edu/campus-map/
  • When is the advising period?
    There are no set dates for the advising period each semester. Advisement can run anywhere from two months to two weeks before registration begins. It is best to contact your advisor to ask when they intend to hold advising meetings. 
  • Who is my advisor?
    If you are unsure of who your advisor is, you can look on your Degree Works page, found on iRoar, or contact the PES Student Services Manager, noted above.
  • How do I determine my semester schedule prior to course registration?
    In order to register for courses, you will need to (1) determine what courses you want to take for the upcoming semester; (2) get advised by your advisor, who will also give you your registration PIN number. In order to determine what courses you want to take, you can view the master schedule on iRoar>Student>Registration>Add/Drop Classes, Plan Ahead and View Schedule. It is here you can browse classes that will be offered in the upcoming semester. Note that not all classes may appear at once, as Schedulers often have to add classes at later dates, based on demand, and instructor schedule. Upon determining your semester schedule, you can get contact your advisor to set an advisement appointment.
  • How can I request a change of advisor?
    To change your advisor, please speak with the PES Student Services Manager.
  • How can I change my major?
    If you wish to change your major, it is strongly encouraged that you speak with your advisor first. If you decide to formally change your major, you will need to contact your intended major to ensure they are accepting new majors. If they are, you may then fill out a Change of Program request by going to iRoar>Student>Student Records>Change of Program.
  • How can I add a minor or concentration?
    If you wish to add a minor, change a minor, add a concentration/emphasis area, or change a concentration/emphasis area, fill out a Change of Program request by going to iRoar>Student>Student Records>Change of Program.
  • How can I request a course substitution?
    To request a substitution, you can do so on iRoar, by going to iRoar>Student>Student Records>Request Substitution for Academic Requirement. The request will go to your advisor, who may request additional information or supporting documents. Step-by-step instructions can be found at: http://www.registrar.clemson.edu/pdf/Cascade-pdfs-accessible/substitution-workflow-howto.pdf 
  • What is the process for taking a course at another school?
    To take a course elsewhere, you must meet with the PES Student Services Manager to fill out an Approval for Work to be Taken Elsewhere form. You will need the name of the school you intend to study at, and the name of the course. If the course has not previously been accepted by Clemson, you may need to provide a syllabus. You can print out your own form at: https://www.registrar.clemson.edu/html/approval.htm
  • How can I apply for Academic Forgiveness?
    To apply for Academic Forgiveness, you must meet with the PES Student Services Manager. Please review Academic Forgiveness policies prior to making an appointment.

Minor information

The Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences offers five minors: Crop and Soil Environmental Science minor; Entomology minor; Horticulture minor; Plant Pathology minor; Turfgrass minor. For detailed information on what is required for each minor, please choose one of the following links: 

For any additional questions related to a Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences minor, please contact Student Services Manager, Lisa Flick at LCFLICK@clemson.edu.

Concentrations in the Plant and Environmental Sciences Major

If you are majoring in Plant and Environmental Sciences, you must choose a concentration. The three concentrations that you may choose from are agricultural biotechnology; agronomy; soil and water science. For specific program requirements for each concentration, please choose one of the following links: 

Creative Inquiry

Creative Inquiry courses are a combination of engaged learning and undergraduate research unique to Clemson University. Students take on problems that arise out of their own curiosity, from a professor's challenge, or from perceived needs of the world around them. These team-based investigations are led by a faculty mentor and span two to four semesters. Students take ownership and the risks necessary of their own projects, and get answers.

The PES department has a number of Creative Inquiry courses available to undergraduates each semester. To discover what CI courses are available, visit the current projects page.

Internship Programs

Internships offer valuable work experience that employers are like to see, and give the student insight into their potential career. Although many students will do an internship for the experience, it is not necessarily required for your major.

To inquire about whether or not an internship is required for your major, check with your academic advisor, or Student Services Manager, Lisa Flick.

If you are interested in an internship, please contact Paula Beecher in the WB Bookhart Student Services Center, F153 Poole and Agriculture building, or email her at pbeeche@clemson.edu.