Welcome to Ecology at Clemson!

Ecology teaching, research, and outreach are found in a number of departments and programs at Clemson University.  Clemson ecologists have a range of research interests from the theoretical to the applied, from the forests to the oceans, and from the individual to the ecosystem. We offer courses at the undergraduate and graduate level in conservation biology, restoration ecology, plant ecology, behavioral ecology, wildlife ecology, microbial ecology, fire ecology, community ecology, population dynamics, and landscape ecology.

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News and Upcoming Events

Prof. Katherine (Kate) McFadden, wildlife ecologist and conservation scientist, died on October 28, 2014. She was a dear friend and colleague. A memoriam details her numerous accomplishments. 

Study prairie ecology! Dr. David Jachowski is leading a program that will provide support for an MS student as well as a year-long fellowship for 4 undergraduates. These students will focus on gaining life experience and conducting research in the Great Plains of Montana. Contact Dr. Jachowski for more detail. 

Look at upcoming ecology-related seminars in Biological Sciences, Natural Resources, and Entomology/Plant and Environmental Sciences seminar series.

Look at ecology courses being offered in Fall 2015 for undergraduate and graduate students. For graduate students, Ecology Reading Group is being offered as BIOL 8070 section 1 (Instructor: Kyle Barrett), and the Plant Biology and Ecology Reading Group is BIOL 8070 section 5.

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