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Fall 2020 will look differently than any other Fall I can remember in my over 20 years in Career Services.  With that said, below is what we hope will happen in the Fall and we will keep this site updated as soon as we anticipate any changes.  To help us plan, please fill out the below google doc, if you do not see the form, please send an email to

Please note, we are not accepting payment at this time.  We will add that information as the Fall gets closer and will be in touch with everyone who has indicated they will be participating.  We are anticipating it will still be a $100 fee for participation.

CAFLS On-Campus Career Fair- Wednesday September 30th 10am - 3pm, Life Sciences Facility

CAFLS Virtual Career Fair- Thursday, October 1st, Time TBD


Complete the registration form below:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Registration is done through Google Forms.  If you do not see the registration form, try clicking here or contact Paula Beecher directly.