Fisheries and Aquatic Center of Excellence

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South Carolina’s natural resources are a major contributor to the quality of life and economy of the state. However, the sustainability of South Carolina’s 11,000 miles of rivers and streams, more than 1,600 lakes and reservoirs, and 2,876 miles of coastal shoreline and the economic, ecological, and social values they provide, is dependent upon both science-based information and educated and trained professionals that guide management and conservation of our aquatic and fisheries resources. To support science-based management and the training of the next generation of fisheries professionals, the Department of Forestry and Environmental Conservation (FEC) proposes establishing a Fisheries and Aquatic Center of Excellence (FACE) at Clemson University. FACE will be a new, collaborative initiative between Clemson University, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and our partners in the outdoor recreation industry. Funds provided by the endowed program will go directly towards four main areas of emphasis:

FACE supports research efforts aimed at informing science-based management of fish populations and communities to enhance the sustainability and biological integrity and of South Carolina's abundant aquatic resources.

FACE supports educational activities to assist in training the next generation of fisheries professionals who are equipped with the most up-to-date toolbox to confront tomorrow's management challenges.
FACE supports outreach activities to enhance the delivery and dissemination of fisheries management and conservation information to private landowners, professionals, policy makers, and the general public.

FACE highlights positive interactions among initiative partners through a variety of Clemson media and PR efforts, providing additional avenues for positive exposure for our partners in the outdoor recreation industry.