Space Allocation Guidelines


The purpose of the Biosystems Research Complex (BRC) is to serve as a key high-technology facility to attract biologically-based industries to South Carolina, and to spawn entrepreneurial growth companies.  The facility will house collaborative research programs conducted by investigators from multiple disciplines.

Space Allocation Process

 1.  Space will be allocated on the basis of the alignment of the investigator's research focus area with the goals of the complex.  Preference will be given to collaborative teams of investigators or research centers with proven track records.

2.  The investigator must be willing to collaborate in a team effort focused on common program objectives.

3.  Newly-hired junior faculty must have a high potential for and be willing and eager to establish relationships with and secure funding from both public and private funding agencies.  Senior faculty must have a proven track record by having obtained significant (relative to "Top 20" benchmark peers in the discipline) sums of extramurally funded research in the building's mission area.

4.  Investigative teams must achieve nationally and internationally recognized  biologically-based research outcomes as measured by criteria such as total amount of research awards/expenditures, intellectual property developed, national impact of research outcomes, entrepreneurial growth companies formed, service on peer review panels, quality of graduate students, development of key private sector relationships, and publishing in prestigious journals.

5.  Building space assignments will be reviewed on a three-year cycle and evaluated for continuation based on the objective measures of outcomes defined under item 4.  For tenure-track faculty, continued occupancy in the building will be based on the tenure review process, which includes significant research productivity; i.e., funding, graduate students, and publications.  Other faculty and research scientists will be evaluated on research productivity, as defined in previous sentence.

6.  Building assignments, allocation of space and determination of the duration of occupancy will be made by the Administrator of the Biosystems Research Complex, in consultation with the BRC Administrators' Committee (composed of the BRC Administrator; the Dean of the College of Engineering and Science; the Dean of the College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences; Chief Operating Officer of Clemson Experiment Station; and the Director of the BRC.)

Process for Assigning Space

  • Space will be assigned by the Administrator of the Biosystems Research Complex on a programmatic basis following the space allocation guidelines.
  • Investigator will submit a request to the Administrator through the appropriate dean, a written request for space, outlining how his/her proposed research will fit the program objectives of the complex. 
  • The Administrator will forward the request to the relevant dean and three vice presidents for a seven-day period of comment. Following that period, a written response will be returned to the individual making the request.  That response will be:
  1. Approved with the specific space assigned and availability of the space
  2. Reviewed and returned for further information or clarification
  3. Rejected with an explanation for the decision. 
  • Infrastructure changes that are unique to the investigator's program must be approved by Director of the Biosystems Complex. 

January 29, 2003 (updated July 19, 2004, revised May 12, 2010)