Scott Sell

Research Associate
Cattle and Forages/Edisto Bull Test Station
Livestock and Forages Program Team, Edisto Research and Education Center

Office: Edisto REC
Phone: 912-682-9590
Personal Website:


 Educational Background

MS Animal and Veterinary Science
Clemson University 2017

BSA Animal Science
University of Georgia 1993


Mr. Sell is Coordinator and manager of the Edisto Forage Bull Test based at the Edisto Research Education Center in Blackville. He is also the coordinator and manager of the Edisto Beef Cattle Research Herd. His primary interests and specialties are beef nutrition and ration development, beef reproduction and management, purebred beef cattle, and IT/Web/Social Media development for the bull test and REC. Outside of Clemson he has a farm outside of Sylvania, GA, with his wife Nancy and their 4 kids Josh, William, Sadie, and Haynes

 Research Interests

Application of Precision Ag technologies in the cattle industry.
Development of cattle in an all forage environment.
Beef Reproductive Physiology

 Extension and Outreach

Edisto Forage Bull Test
Edisto heifer Development Project
Member - Livestock and Forages Team


Mangrum, K. S., Tuttle, G., Duckett, S. K., Sell, G. S., Krehbiel, C. R., & Long, N. M. (2016). The effect of supplementing rumen undegradable unsaturated fatty acids on marbling in early-weaned steers 1. Journal of Animal Science, 94, 833-844.

Pratt, S. L., Burnett, C., Long, N. M., Schrick, F. N., & Sell, G. S. (2017). 159 the effect of fescue toxicosis on semen quality and fertility of young growing beef bulls. Journal of Animal Science, 95(supplement), 78-78.

Pratt, S. L., DeCarlo, A. N., Sell, G. S., Lewis, L. K., & Long, N. M. (2017). 475 pregnancy loss associated with timed-artificial insemination using gender-selected semen in cows. Journal of Animal Science, 95(supplement 4), 232-232.

Pratt, S. L., & Sell, G. S. (2017). 160 breeding soundness evaluations of beef bulls at approximately 14 and 20 months of age developed on forage. Journal of Animal Science, 95(supplement), 78-78.


Edisto Forage Bull Test
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