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Patrick Hiesl

Associate Professor of Forest Operations
Forestry and Environmental Conservation Department

Office: 230 Lehotsky Hall
Phone: 864-656-7293

Vita: Download CV


Educational Background

Ph.D. Forest Resources
University of Maine 2015

M.S. Forest Resources
University of Maine 2013

B.S. Forest Management
University of Applied Forest Sciences Rottenburg 2010

Courses Taught

FOR 2520 - Forest Operations (Summer Camp)
FOR 2530 - Forest Measurements (Summer Camp)
FOR 2540 - Forest Products (Summer Camp)
FOR 3410 - Wood Procurement
FOR 4080/6080 - Wood and Paper Products
FOR 4100/6100 - Harvesting Processes
FOR 4190/7070 - Forestry and Recreation in Southern Germany (Study Abroad)
FNR 4700 - Multiple Creative Inquiry Courses
FOR 8930 - Statistical Methods in Natural Resources
FOR 8930 - Readings in Forestry


Dr. Patrick Hiesl is forestry professional by heart. He has earned his scientific degrees in Germany and the USA, and has deepened his skills in forest inventory and private woodlot management in Alberta, Canada. Following his graduate studies he has worked in academia as an assistant and associate professor of Forest Operations at Paul Smith's College in New York and Clemson University in South Carolina. He has several years of experience working with logging contractors to conduct time and motion studies on selected harvesting equipment, assess best management practices implementation, and evaluate overall harvesting costs. In addition to research, he has taught several courses in forest operations and wood procurement, but also conducted extension training programs surrounding the use of chainsaws and portable sawmills. Dr. Hiesl has published over 30 articles in various journals and presented his research results at conferences and logging contractor workshops across the USA and Canada. He currently is a South Carolina Registered Forester, SAF Certified Forester, drone pilot, and an active member of the Council on Forest Engineering and the Society of American Foresters.

Research Interests

Dr. Hiesl's research interests are in forest operations and forest engineering with a focus on better understanding the cost and productivity of harvesting operations on small and large forest areas, as well as the use of modern technology to help with forest management activities. He currently conducts research involving horse logging and small-scale equipment, the use of consumer-based LiDAR technology in forestry, logging business surveys to better understand the needs and challenges of logging businesses, mental workload evaluations of logging operations, and the costs and productivity of implementing Climate Smart Forestry practices. Dr. Hiesl collaborates with several faculty within Clemson University and the Department of Forestry and Environmental Conservations as well as the University of Georgia.

Lab Members

Current Lab Members:
Nasheeda Yasmin, PhD Forest Resource, 2024-Present
John Visbisky, MFR, 2023-Present
Bart Swecker, MS Forest Resources, 2022-Present
Hasini Mapatunage, MS Forest Resources, 2022-Present
Ian Snider, MS Forest Resources, 2020-Present

Graduated Lab Members:
Chase Land, MFR, 2023-2024
Dean Satterlee, MFR, 2023-2024
Shubhechchha Khadka, MS Forest Resources, 2022-2023
Manisha Parajuli, MS Forest Resources, 2020-2021
Ellie Johnson, MS Forest Resources, 2019-2021 (Co-Chair)
Keith Phelps, MS Forest Resources, 2019-2021 (Co-Chair)
Kipling Klimas, MS Forest Resources, 2018-2020

Graduate Committee Member:
Thomas Buchanan, MS Forest Resources, 2023-Present
Lucas Hales, MS Environmental and Natural Resources, The University of Alabama, 2023-Present
Armin Weise, MS Forest Resources, 2021-2023
Trent Miller, MS Forest Resources, 2020-2023
Jacob Murray, MS Forest Resources, 2019-2022
Andrew Purcell, MS Forest Resources, 2019-2020
Chip Byrd, MFR, 2020-2021
Daniel Callaghan, MS Forest Resources, 2017-2019
Thomas Joseph, MFR, 2017-2018
Stephen Harris, MS Wildlife and Fisheries Biology, 2016-2018
Trey Trickett, MS Forest Resources, 2016-2018
Brandon Stoots, MFR, 2015-2016
Slayton Hazard-Daniel, MFR 2015-2016

Extension and Outreach

Dr. Hiesl is passionate about Extension and educating private forest owners to better manage their forest land. He has been involved in several Extension training programs speaking about forest operations and wood procurement. He most recently started a chainsaw safety training program for female forest owners as part of the Women Owning Woodlands program in South Carolina that has expanded to also include a mixed-gender training program. Dr. Hiesl is a presenter within the Master Tree Farmer program and currently is working on an online training program for beginning forest owners. He also operates a portable sawmill in collaboration with the Clemson Experimental Forest and is in the process of establishing a training program. He frequently collaborates with Extension agents and specialists within the Forest and Natural Resources Program team.


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