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Alex Jensen

PhD Candidate - Wildlife and Fisheries Biology
Forestry and Environmental Conservation Department

Office: Lehotsky G-07
Phone: 909-283-0756

Vita: Download CV
Personal Website:


Educational Background

M.S. Biological Sciences
California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo 2018

B.S. Zoology
University of California Santa Barbara 2013

Courses Taught

Deer-Coyote Interactions Creative Inquiry


Alex is studying coyote ecology in South Carolina for his PhD research. The overall goal is to better understand the top-down effects of coyotes in relation to prey species and smaller carnivores. To this end, Alex is using GPS collars, camera traps, and scat surveys to quantify coyote resource selection, behavior, and diet. More generally, Alex is passionate about conducting robust applied science to better understand how wildlife and people can best coexist in a rapidly changing world. He thinks it’s critical to make his findings digestible for everyone, which is why he sets time aside for outreach, both in person and through his YouTube channel (see link below). Alex also thinks that diversity, equity, and inclusion are important topics to talk about and work towards improving in Wildlife and Conservation.

Research Interests

Carnivore ecology and conservation, predator-prey interactions, spatial ecology, human-wildlife interactions, road ecology, enhancing diversity and inclusion in ecology


In Review / In Press
5. Jensen AJ, CJ Marneweck, JC Kilgo, DS Jachowski. In review. Dietary Plasticity of a Rapidly Expanding Carnivore: Coyotes in North America. Mammal Review.

4. Jensen AJ, JD Perrine, A Schaffner, R Brewster, AJ Giordano, M Robertson, N Siepel. In press. Quantifying Wildlife Use of Escape Ramps along a Fenced Highway. Human Wildlife Interactions.

Published Papers
3. Cove M, R Kays, ..., D Jachowski, AJ Jensen, ..., W McShea. 2021. SNAPSHOT USA 2019: the first coordinated national camera trap survey of the United States. Ecology.

2. Jensen AJ, SP Bombaci, LC Gigliotti, SN Harris, CJ Marneweck, MS Muthersbaugh, BA Newman, SL Rodriguez, EA Saldo, KE Shute, KL Titus, AL Williams, SW Yu, DS Jachowski. 2021. Attracting diverse students to field experiences requires adequate pay, flexibility, and inclusion. BioScience.

1. Marneweck C, AR Butler, L Gigliotti, S Harris, AJ Jensen, M Muthersbaugh, B Newman, E Saldo, K Shute, KL Titus, SW Yu, D Jachowski. 2021. Shining the spotlight on non-apex carnivores: global status and threats. Biological Conservation.


YouTube Channel - Wildlife Research
Lab Group Website - David Jachowski

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