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Dillan Burkett

Graduate Instructor
Agricultural Sciences Department

Office: 144E McAdams Hall



Educational Background

MS Agriculture, Agricultural Systems Management
Clemson Univeristy 2023

BS Agricultural Mechanization And Business
Clemson University 2021

AAS Diversified Agriculture
Piedmont Technical College 2019

Courses Taught

Assisted in Teaching (current and past)
AGM 2200: Calculations for Mechanized Agriculture
AGM 4020: Irrigation System Design
AGM 4060: Electrical Systems

Courses Taught:
AGM 2210: Surveying: Earthwork and Area Measurements


Dillan is from Gilbert, SC and is a current graduate student in the Department of Agricultural Sciences. He received his BS in 2021 from Clemson University in Agricultural Mechanization and Business with a minor in Agricultural Business Management. In his free time he enjoys working on project vehicles, metal and wood fabrication, and participating in motorsports.

Research Interests

Precision agriculture, automation in agricultural operations, mechatronics applications in precision agriculture, GPS/GNSS systems, remote sensing, and machinery systems.

Extension and Outreach

Provide electrical and grain safety instruction to high school agriculture students through the Clemson Agricultural Safety Program.


Burkett, C. D., R. H. Dean, A. P. Turner, B. H. Teddy, L. Samenko, and A. Keinath. 2022. Evaluation of a mobile GIS data collection application combined with differential GPS for high accuracy field scouting. At ASABE Annual International Meeting. Houston, Texas.

Burkett, C. D., A. P. Turner, K. R. Kirk, H. F. Massey, L. Samenko, C. R. Erwin, and B. B. Fogle. 2023. Investigating the Influences of Operator Experience on Guidance Line Deviation During Peanut Harvesting Operations. At ASABE Annual International Meeting. Omaha, Nebraska.

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