Carmen Blubaugh

Assistant Professor
Plant and Environmental Sciences Department

Office: Poole Agricultural Sciences 271
Phone: 864-715-2223
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 Educational Background

PhD Entomology
Purdue University 2015

M.S. Environmental Science
Indiana University 2010

B.A. Environmental Studies
Florida Atlantic University 2006

 Courses Taught

Integrated Pest Management (IPM 4010/6010) Spring of odd years
Applied Agricultural Entomology (ENT 4070) Summer of odd years
Insect Ecology (ENT 4520) Spring of even years


I am an insect ecologist examining both basic and applied research questions in agroecosystems.

 Research Interests

Across a variety of agricultural systems, I evaluate context-dependent environmental drivers of natural pest suppression and crop productivity. Much of my work examines how agricultural biodiversity influences pest and weed control services, yet, I approach biodiversity through many different lenses and at many different scales. For example, I examine how biodiversity in soil microbe communities affects interactions between plant health, herbivore pressure, and the recruitment of predators who provide biological control services. I also examine how cover crops and tillage operations influence non-crop plant diversity at various scales, and how this in turn shapes predator community structure and subsequent biological control of pests and weeds. I combine experimental research in the field, lab, and greenhouse with a powerful observational approach, collaborating with farmers to complete on-farm biodiversity surveys of plants, insects and soil communities. My on-farm research has inspired many experimental discoveries, guided grant proposals, and forged lasting partnerships with farmers who need stronger ecological tools to manage crops and pests in an uncertain climate future.


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