Cassie LeMaster

Area Livestock & Forage Agent
Livestock and Forages Program Team, Laurens County Cooperative Extension Office, Union County Cooperative Extension Office

Office: 219 W Laurens Street, Laurens SC
Phone: 864-984-2514


 Educational Background

M.S. Animal Science, Equine Nutrition
North Carolina State University

B.S. Animal Science
North Carolina State University


Area Livestock & Forages Agent for Laurens and Union counties
State Equine Extension Coordinator

 Research Interests

Reducing the incidence of laminitis in pasture-fed horses
Equine forage and pasture management

 Extension and Outreach

Livestock and Forages for Laurens and Union counties
Statewide Equine Extension Coordination
Pasture Management
Equine and Animal Nutrition
Women in Ag
Backyard Barnyard


Effect of Time of Day During Grazing on Hindgut Fermentation Parameters in Cool Season Grass Pasture-fed Horses, 2013

Wycoff, C.L., E.C. Glunk, C.C. Sykes, S. Rodpitak, S.E. Pratt-Phillips, P.D. Siciliano. Effect of day-time vs. night-time grazing on hindgut fermentation parameters in fall pasture-fed horses. J Equine Vet Sci. 2013: 33: 338.

Wycoff, C.L., P.D. Siciliano, E.C. Glunk, C Sykes, S. Rodpitak, S.E. Pratt-Phillips. The effect of NSC content of cool season pasture grasses on fecal pH in horses grazing different times of day. American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition Symposium Proceedings. May 2012.

Pratt-Phillips, S.E., C. Wycoff, C. Sykes, J. Kutzner-Mulligan, P.D. Siciliano. Glucose and insulin concentrations in restricted pasture-fed horses. J Equine Vet Sci. 2013: 33: 351.

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