Dawn Anticole White

Program Manager
Public Service Activities

Office: 509 Westinghouse Road, Pendleton (CU-ENTOX Bldg)
Phone: 864-646-2156
Email: dawnw@clemson.edu
Personal Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dawnanticolewhite


 Educational Background

MMC Mass Communication
University of South Carolina 1999

BA Communication
University of Pittsburgh 1993


As a program manager, Dawn provides leadership for water resource-specific program initiatives led by the South Carolina Water Resources Center. With regard to major program initiatives, she has been managing the coordination of the biennial South Carolina Water Resources Conference since the inaugural conference in 2008. She also serves as the managing staff editor and publication manager for the annual Journal of South Carolina Water Resources. With regard to all water initiatives of the Center, she manages the development and implementation of marketing, event planning, fundraising and digital / traditional communications strategies. Dawn is a key liaison in developing partner strategies and maintaining relations with statewide sectors involved in water resources, including federal and state agencies; municipal water authorities and entities; colleges and universities; environmental engineering, consulting and law firms; nonprofits; economic development associations; utility companies; and land trusts. She has been involved in Clemson University's Public Service and Agriculture water program since 2008 and also split her employment as a marketing strategist with the Office of Public Affairs and Economic Development from 2013-2015.

She has worked in the field of integrated marketing communications and project management for over 24 years. Past professional experience has included: public relations account manager and media relations specialist with Newman, Saylor and Gregory (an advertising and PR firm); director of marketing and communications for Harvest Hope Food Bank; grassroots and media coordinator with the South Carolina Tobacco Collaborative; and assorted communications and special event involvement with the Central Carolina Community Foundation, the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, and the Kiawah Island Community Association. In addition, Dawn has served as a consultant and provided freelance and pro-bono work for a variety of nonprofit organizations and private firms. She graduated with honors from the University of South Carolina's Master of Mass Communications graduate program and completed her bachelor's degree in Communication at the University of Pittsburgh.

 Extension and Outreach

The South Carolina Water Resources Conference is hosted by Clemson University Public Service and Agriculture (PSA) and coordinated by the South Carolina Water Resources Center in conjunction with a statewide committee of water resources professionals. The purpose is to provide an integrated forum for discussion of water policies, research projects and water management in order to prepare for and meet the growing challenge of providing water resources to sustain and grow South Carolina’s economy, while preserving our natural resources. The conference brings together statewide academic, private and public sectors. The past five occurrences each brought together over 300 participants from a variety of sectors concerned with water issues including colleges and universities; municipal water authorities and entities; environmental engineering, consulting and law firms; state and federal agencies; nonprofit organizations; economic development associations; utility companies and land trusts.

The Journal of South Carolina Water Resources is a peer-reviewed, open access publication that was established in 2013 by South Carolina Water Resources Conference planning committee members to enhance outreach efforts. The journal is published annually, and the digital format of the issues are available through the TigerPrints digital repository. The aim of the Journal of South Carolina Water Resources is to provide a forum for articles about the condition of South Carolina\'s water resources, with the goals of influencing science-based management decisions and heightening awareness of our water resources. Authors are encouraged to consider this forum as an outlet to communicate information and results from their work on advancements in water science, policy, management and law pertaining to South Carolina. Basic experimental and discovery science; policy analysis; developments in water and environmental law management issues; as well as case studies, are welcome submissions to be considered for publication. South Carolina is a water-rich state, and as our population and economy continue to expand, access to reliable and clean water resources is critically important for the resiliency, health and well-being of South Carolinians. Wider knowledge and awareness of the issues is of utmost importance to protect and make the most of our water resources.

Building on the success of the biennial South Carolina Water Resources Conference, the first in a series of water resources summits - Back to the Future of Drought (April 21, 2017) - focused on one of the most complex of all natural hazards, drought. Knowing that real progress cannot be made by one person or entity, nearly 100 attendees from diverse professional backgrounds came together to participate in a forum with the purpose of seeking to initiate a collaborative effort to positively impact water resources management in South Carolina.


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