James H. Blake

State Director - SC Master Naturalist Program
Adjunct Professor
Pickens County Cooperative Extension Office, Plant and Environmental Sciences Department

Office: Pickens County Extension Office
Phone: 864-898-8321
Email: jblake@clemson.edu


 Educational Background

Ed.D. Career and Technology Education/Plant Pathology
Clemson University 2004

M.S. Plant Pathology
University of Arkansas 1984

B.S. Plant and Soil Science (Horticulture option)
Tennessee Technological University 1982

A.S. Pre-Engineering
Columbia State Community College 1976

 Courses Taught

Diseases of Ornamental Plants - PL PA 402/H402/602
Diseases and Insects of Turfgrasses - PL PA 406/H406/606
Diseases of Ornamental Plants and Turfgrasses - PL PA 402/H402/602
Special Problems - Plant Problem Clinic - PL PA 805

 Extension and Outreach

State Director - SC Master Naturalist Program: The South Carolina Master Naturalist Program provides place-based, experiential environmental education that inspires citizen volunteers to promote environmental stewardship within their communities.

Former State Coordinator - SC Master Gardener Program: The South Carolina Master Gardener Program was designed to use the services of trained volunteers who have horticulture knowledge and a willingness to share that knowledge with others through the Clemson Cooperative Extension Service.

Founding Director/Former Director - Clemson Extension Home & Garden Information Center (HGIC): The Clemson Extension Home & Garden Information Center (HGIC) delivers unbiased, research-based information to South Carolina residents via phone: 1-888-656-9988, email: hgic@clemson.edu, and a website at hgic.clemson.edu.

Former Director - Clemson University Plant Problem Clinic (now Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic): This multidisciplinary program multi-disciplinary program provides diagnoses and management recommendations for plant and turf problems, which include diseases, nematodes, weeds, environmental issues, nutritional deficiencies, and insect pests of plants.

Former Director - Clemson University Nematode Assay Laboratory


Blake, James H. and Williamson, Meg. 2015. Index of Plant Disease in South Carolina, 3rd edition. 187 pp.

Blake, James H. 2015. HGIC 1360, Pawpaw. 3pp.


SC Master Naturalist Program