Joshua Caughman

Administrative Assistant
Lee County Cooperative Extension Office

Office: Lee County
Phone: 803-484-5416


 Educational Background

B.S. Environmental and Natural Resources
Clemson 2014


Joshua Caughman has been working at the Lee County Office since 2014.He has a firm background in Natural Resources and an understanding of Agriculture. He is a certified Master Gardener and holds a CAT 10 Non- Commercial Pesticide License N0031548. He tries to write 2 relevant articles in the local paper a month and keeps the Lee County Clemson Extension Facebook page up to date.

 Extension and Outreach

Mr. Caughman has helped update the Lee County Clemson Extension Office, as a whole. He now serves on the local Chamber of Commerce board, engages with the local Garden Clubs, and other local government organizations. He actively cultivates, Lee County as a whole, through traditional and modern means of communication with relevant content for their daily lives.


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