John Majsztrik

Research Assistant Professor
Plant and Environmental Sciences Department

Office: 509 Westinghouse Rd. Rm. 0137
Phone: 864-646-2964


 Educational Background

Ph. D. Plant Science and Landscape Architecture
University of Maryland 2011

M.S. Forest Biotechnology
University of Georgia 2004

B.S. Biology
The College of New Jersey 2001


Dr. Majsztrik is currently working on a USDA funded project (WateR3) focused on cleaning and recycling irrigation water at ornamental production operations.

 Research Interests

Dr. Majsztrik’s interests are centered around decreasing environmental impacts of ornamental production operations, and the management practices that are used to do so, including improving irrigation and nutrient use efficiency in ornamental production. He is also interested in studying the denitrification processes in container substrates, since this can be a major pathway for nitrogen loss.


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