James Morris

Genetics and Biochemistry Department

Office: 249 LSB
Phone: 864-656-0293
Email: jmorri2@clemson.edu
Personal Website: http://jmorri28.wix.com/labhome


 Educational Background

Post-doctoral Fellow
Johns Hopkins SOM 2002

Ph.D. Cellular Biology
University of Georgia 1997

MS Entomology
University of Georgia 1992

BS Biology
College of William and Mary 1990

 Courses Taught

GEN3000: Introduction to Genetics for Non-majors
BCHM3050: Introduction to Biochemistry for Non-majors
GEN3020: Introduction to Genetics
GEN3020H: Introduction to Genetics Honors Course
GEN3030: Introduction to Genetics Laboratory
GEN4910: Directed Research in Genetics,
GEN4910H: Honors College course, Directed Research in Genetics.
BCHM4910: Directed Research in Biochemistry
BCHM4910H: Honors College course, Directed Research in Biochemistry
GEN/BCHM8200: Proteomics and Genomics
GEN/BCHM8900: Special Topics, “Molecular Pathogenesis”
GEN/BCHM8900: Special Topics, “Molecular Parasitology”
HON2060: \\\"Pandemics: Pending extinction?\\\"
BCHM4430: Molecular and Biochemical Basis for Disease


EPIC Faculty

 Extension and Outreach

Founding member of EPIC


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