Jennifer Scales

Charleston & Dorchester 4-H Youth Development Agent
Charleston & Dorchester Counties
4-H Youth Development Program Team, Charleston County Cooperative Extension Office, Dorchester County Cooperative Extension Office

Office: 259 Meeting St, 2nd floor Charleston SC 29401
Phone: 843-730-5202


 Educational Background

M.S. Environmental Studies
College of Charleston 2009

B.S. Biology
University of Georgia 2005


Jennifer is the 4-H Youth Development Agent for Charleston and Dorchester Counties. She has a B.S. in Biology and an M.S. in Environmental Studies. Jennifer is interested in working with volunteers to providing high quality, activity based 4-H programs for local youth. She enjoys helping youth develop a relationship with their community and the natural world.

 Extension and Outreach

Ms. Scales is currently working with local schools to conduct a hands-on Ecology programs. Support for this program comes from the Disney Worldwide Conservation Foundation Grant and 4-H.


Scales, J., J. Hyman, and M. Hughes. 2011. Behavioral syndromes break down in urban Song Sparrow populations. Ethology 117(10): 887-895.

Scales, J., J. Hyman, and M. Hughes. 2013. Fortune favours the aggressive: territory quality and behavioural syndromes in Song Sparrows, Melospiza melodia. Animal Behaviour 85: 441-451.


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